The world of Pathfinder

The world of Pathfinder
Pathfinder: Kingmaker will also be a role-playing game released on the sly compared to other exponents of the same genre, but its moderate success is far from surprising. Even with some lack and instability here and there, the Owlcat games product is a huge and complex RPG, which is enormously reinforced by its powerful narrative background. Pathfinder is after all a setting closely linked to Dungeons & Dragons, which to date has been able to capture a huge niche of pen & paper RPG lovers precisely because of the separation from the legendary Wizards of the Coast brand.

After having based it on the highly acclaimed 3.5 edition of D&D, and reluctant to move on to the fourth edition (more than understandably, given the huge changes not really well received by the public), the creators of Pathfinder have in fact decided to transform their child into a work separate from the one that gave it birth, modifying the initial set of rules, expanding classes and possibilities and working hard on the game world. The result? One of the best-selling pen and paper role-playing games ever, a granite fanbase, a second edition that (for once) significantly improves the source material, and a world - Golarion - among the most elaborate and full of potential ever for those who loves role-playing evenings in the company of friends.

Now, being Golarion an incredibly elaborate game universe, we are certainly not able to deal with every facet in detail in a single article; however, we believe it is useful to retrace the history and characteristics in outline, on the occasion of the arrival on the console of Kingmaker. Listen to us, it's a fascinating enough narrative background that you can convince yourself to face the 100-plus hours of the title.

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