Nintendo, new games presented at the next event: date and time

Nintendo, new games presented at the next event: date and time
The last few months have been full of news in the videogame field, including great releases and events dedicated to the next-gen. One of the big console manufacturers, however, has remained silent for longer than fans expected: we are obviously talking about Nintendo. However, the Kyoto company is ready to give us lots of news with a new presentation, dedicated to various upcoming games: here is the date and time of the new Indie World.

Indie World | Date and time

As indicated on the official Twitter page, Nintendo's Indie World will air on August 18 (or tomorrow) at 6pm Italian time. The event will last about 20 minutes: it will therefore be a quick experience, during which we will be able to see a series of trailers dedicated to independent third-party productions coming up.

Where to see the event

Nintendo's new Indie World will be visible on multiple platforms, as always. We can view it at the following addresses:

YouTube Official site

What to expect

For the moment, there is no official information regarding the announcements included in tomorrow’s Indie World. Nintendo's tweet, which you can see below, doesn't give any additional details. 20 minutes might seem short, but a quick succession of trailers could allow for the announcement of multiple games. These events usually have a high pace, so expect some surprises.

There are multiple games that could make their appearance: of the many, Silksong Hollow Knight is certainly one of the most anticipated. The game, scheduled for Nintendo Switch and PC, has long since disappeared from the radar: it could be the ideal time to return to the limelight.

The next #IndieWorld Showcase is headed your way! Tune in on Tuesday, Aug. 18 at 9 a.m. PT for roughly 20 minutes of information on indie games coming to #NintendoSwitch.

Watch it here tomorrow:

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