Star Wars Detours: an online episode leaked

Star Wars Detours: an online episode leaked
An episode of Star Wars Detours, an animated comedy series set in the Star Wars universe, already announced but not yet officially aired, has been leaked online, titled "Dog Day Afternoon".

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Star Wars Detours is an animated series created by Lucasfilm Animation, in collaboration with Seth Green and Matthew Senreich , creators of the slow-motion TV series Robot Chicken. The show, which has taken a more comedic approach to the traditional Star Wars canon, has nearly two seasons completed, but has yet to officially air after Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm; it was in fact announced back in 2012, during the Star Wars Celebration, months before the acquisition.

Several sources have indicated that the series has been archived as there was some concern that it would be too irreverent for new fans of the franchise. While there is still a fair amount of interest around the series right now, especially now that the Star Wars franchise is back on the crest of the wave, Green isn't sure it will be broadcast anyway:

“What I understand is that Lucasfilm's plan is centered around new films and extensive content production for the Disney + platform. And it just doesn't seem like they're going to pursue this kind of comedy.

It's a difficult thing, because the series was created before the sale to Disney, before the plan to make new films, before the plan to develop a theme park, before the concept of a streaming service in subscription that would broadcast various contents, including an Obi-Wan s series or one about a Mandalorian. It's like it all came together, after we had already made 40 episodes.

So I guess I don't really know. I think there should be such a clear and loud request from the fans for them to change their plans. Because right now they don't seem to want to include this kind of deconstructive comedy, which coexists with these sincere interpretations of the characters. "

If you want to take a look at the original post, in which the episode was placed, you can find it on income, by clicking here.

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