Free Bloodborne with the PlayStation Plus Collection: find our complete walkthrough and all our guides

Free Bloodborne with the PlayStation Plus Collection: find our complete walkthrough and all our guides
Demon's Souls is not enough for you and you still want to suffer at this cold and gray end of the year? Good thing: Bloodborne is waiting for you! The black jewel of FromSoftware is indeed part of the new PlayStation Plus collection available on PlayStation 5… and also playable on its predecessor, the PlayStation 4, of which it remains an exclusive. To (re) launch yourself into this classic of the fading generation, we invite you to bring one of the Hunter's most precious artifacts: our complete Bloodborne solution of course!

A game also playable for free on PS4! Bloodborne can be downloaded for free at the moment on PlayStation 4, as long as you have a PlayStation Plus subscription and follow our instructions to download it on PS4.

Complete Bloodborne Scenario Solution

On these pages of our Complete Bloodborne Walkthrough, you will find a detailed and chaptered guide to the main plot of the famous Dark Souls heir:

Prologue Yharnam Yharnam - Aqueduct Cathedral Suburb Old Yharnam Hemwick Charnel Lane Forbidden Wood Yahar'gul, first visit Byrgenwerth Damned Castle of Cainhurst Yahar'gul, second visit Nightmare Frontier Upper Cathedral Suburb Mensis's Nightmare Hunter's Dream

Complete Guide to bosses of Bloodborne

In this section of our Walkthrough of Bloodborne, we present the solution of all the bosses in the history of Bloodborne (chalice dungeons not included):

Clerical monster Father Gascoigne Hungry monster Vicar Amelia The witch of Hemwick Paarl darkbeast Shadow of Yharnam Rom, the stupid spider He who was reborn Amygdala Martyre Logarius Celestial emissary Ebrietas, daughter of Cosmos Micolash, host of the nightmare Nurse of Mergo Gerhman, the first Lunar Presence hunter

Walkthrough of side quests for Bloodborne NPCs

You can find on these pages of our Bloodborne guide all our solutions for side quests associated with NPCs that you may encounter in the game. We have cut this walkthrough by PNJ for better readability:

Gilbert Arianna Iosefka Djura, determined hunter Adella the nun The daughter of Viola The old woman Eileen, hunter of the Raven Annalize, queen of the Vilesang Alfred, the Executioner Master Willem

Guide to Bloodborne Side Zones

On these pages of our complete Bloodborne Solution, you will find details of the main side areas of FromSoftw's game are:

Invisible Village Old Abandoned Workshop Iosefka Clinic Cainhurst Castle The Choir

Our tips, tricks and tutorials from Bloodborne

In these pages of our complete Bloodborne guide, you will find tips and various tips to know everything about the FromSoftware RPG:

Unlock all endings of the game The meeting with "Mother Brain" Yharnam, Pthumérienne queen How to obtain a rock of blood? The thirds of the umbilical cord, how does it work? Complete guide to Caryll's Rules workshop tools, how does it work?

All the weapons of Bloodborne, our practical guide

You can find on these pages of our Bloodborne walkthrough all our thematic guides relating to the weapons of the game. You will be able to find out how to use, as well as how to obtain each of the Weapons of Bloodborne:

Basic Weapons Weapons of Ludwig Mercy Blade Sword Hammer Tonitrus Wheel of Logarius Reiterpallasch Chikage Bayonet Rifle Saw-Spear Sepulchral Blade Post Driver Monster Claw Secondary Weapons Hunter's Tools Also read:

How do I play PS + Collection games on PS4? Our Complete Bloodborne Test Summary of the Complete Bloodborne Guide

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