A book to understand Black Friday, Amazon and Bezos

A book to understand Black Friday, Amazon and Bezos
You say Black Friday and you can only think of Amazon, but how did we get there? On the day of shopping by definition, we recommend a useful reading to understand what led Jeff Bezos' company to become an omnipresent point of reference, an online store that many also turn to for everyday purchases: "Selling everything, Jeff Bezos and the era of Amazon ”for sale at a price of 13.52 euros. Where is it? Obviously on the Bezos store.

Black Friday “Selling everything”: the story of Jeff Bezos and Amazon

A full-bodied 336-page volume written by Brad Stone, American journalist, signed by Bloomberg and in the past of the New York Times, a profound connoisseur of American hi-tech realities that in other publications has also examined Uber and Airbnb. In the book dedicated to Amazon, a zoom on the story of what is called its "ambitious, enterprising, controversial founder".

For the first time, reporter Brad Stone interviews employees and former employees of Amazon, family by Bezos, and presents the story of Amazon to readers, with direct testimony. "Sell everything" is the biography of the Internet company that placed one of the first and largest bets on the Web and that changed the way we read and shop forever. It is the history of the company that embodies our era and an intimate and profound portrait of the iconic entrepreneur who founded it.

“Selling everything” is not a praise. Indeed, it brings out some contradictions and lesser known sides of the group as well as its CEO and for this reason it deserves attention. It should be noted that the analysis stops at the 2013-2014 two-year period, nevertheless it covers a period of time sufficient to understand what allowed Amazon to undertake a rapid rise and its number one Jeff Bezos to become the richest man in the world. world. At the price of 13.52 euros it may be worth putting it in the cart, along with those other Black Friday offers that we won't be able to say no to.

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