Destiny 2 Beyond the Light: how to recover old exotics and ritual weapons

Destiny 2 Beyond the Light: how to recover old exotics and ritual weapons
Among the many new features of Destiny 2 Beyond the Light we also find the Monument to the Lost Lights, a practical menu through which the Guardians can retrieve legendary and exotic weapons that can no longer be acquired because they are linked to content not currently present in the shooter. br>
In the event that something is missing from the collection, all you have to do is pay a visit to the Tower and interact with the golden statue located between the screens of the deposit: a screen with various menus will open. inside of which there are the various weapons that can be recovered. As for the glorious legendary weapons such as Not to forget, Vetta and Asceta, the requirements are not particularly high and can be safely recovered for use in PvP. It should be noted in fact that these are "old" weapons and therefore cannot be upgraded to the point of being effective in Beyond the Light's PvE content. However, this does not mean that they are useless, since in the Crucible there are numerous modes that do not take into account the Power Level of the equipment.

The speech is very different for what concerns the exotics, which not only do not they have no limit in terms of infusion but are also more difficult to recover. In this case the requirements are much higher in terms of lumens and materials and can serve the following items:

Exotic Message: each Guardian can have only one item of this type in the inventory, which can be recovered among the rewards of the pass or by completing the weekly quests of Xur, the emissary of the Nine Spoils of Conquest: value that is obtained by completing any Raid and is used to obtain the exclusive exotic weapons of the old Raids Here is the complete list of weapons present in the Monument to the Lost Lights:

Historical equipment

Howl at the Moon (Hand Cannon, Energy Weapon Slot) Lest We Forget (Hand Cannon, Energy Weapon Slot) Gladius of Redrix (Pulse Rifle, Kinetic Weapon Slot) The Vetta (Grenade Launcher, Kinetic Weapon Slot) Ascetic (SMG, energy weapon slot) Revoker (sniper rifle, kinetic weapon slot) Randy's Throwing Knife (scout rifle, kinetic weapon slot) Komodo-4FR (linear fusion rifle, heavy weapon slot) Deer Horns (bow combat, energy weapon slot) Neck Breaker (auto rifle, kinetic weapon slot) Delirium 21% (machine gun, heavy weapon slot) Quiet (combat bow, energy weapon slot) Escape strategy (submachine gun, kinetic weapon slot) Python (shotgun , energy weapon slot) Demand charged (fusion rifle, energy weapon slot) Belladonna (pulse rifle, kinetic weapon slot) Oxygen SR3 (scout rifle, energy weapon slot) Wendigo GL3 (grenade launcher, heavy weapon slot) Half Paro la (machine gun, heavy weapon slot) Vulture (sidearm, kinetic weapon slot) Red War Exotics

Sturm (hand cannon, kinetic weapon slot) Midas Multi-Tool (scout rifle, kinetic weapon slot) Rat King (sidearm, kinetic weapon slot) Sleeper Simulator (linear fusion rifle, heavy weapon slot) Timeline Zero (sword, heavy weapon slot) Polaris Lance (scout rifle, energy weapon slot) Legend of Acrius ( Shotgun, Heavy Weapon Slot) Forsaken Exotics

Ace of Spades (Hand Cannon, Kinetic Weapon Slot) Last Word (Hand Cannon, Kinetic Weapon Slot) Le Monarque (Combat Bow, Energy Weapon Slot) Jotunn (fusion rifle, energy weapon slot) Izanagi's Burden (sniper rifle, kinetic weapon slot) Spike (hand cannon, kinetic weapon slot) Lumina (hand cannon, kinetic weapon slot) Truth (rocket launcher, heavy weapon slot) Evil Karma (pulse rifle, kinetic weapon slot) Anarchy (grenade launcher, heavy weapon slot) Tarrabah (submachine gun, energy weapon slot) Always Punctual (goshawk) Exotics of Shadows from the Deep

Leviathan's Breath (combat bow, heavy weapon slot) Promise of Eriana (Hand Cannon, Energy Weapon Slot) Bastion (Fusion Rifle, Kinetic Weapon Slot) Symmetry (Scout Rifle, Energy Weapon Slot) Devil's Bane (Sidearm, Energy Weapon Slot) Tommy's Matches (Auto Rifle, Weapon Slot) Energy) Fourth Knight (Shotgun, Energy Weapon Slot) Have you already read our tips for getting started in Destiny 2 Beyond the Light? We also remind you that in the coming weeks the free upgrade of Destiny 2 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S is coming, thanks to which the technical sector of the game will undergo major improvements.

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