Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro review: one step away from perfection

Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro review: one step away from perfection
Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro is the Chinese company's top-of-the-range smartwatch for 2020. With a design and materials that wink at even the most demanding customers, the Huawei watch is perfect for any occasion. Whether it's a meeting, an elegant dinner or a training session in the gym, Watch GT 2 Pro is able to adapt to every environment and outfit.

Huawei's operating system combined with complete hardware mounted inside the Watch GT 2 Pro case, they allow you to take advantage of the smartwatch as a real coach for your training, without having to give up that touch of elegance that a real watch gives to your wrist. It's not perfect, however, even if it really comes very close to it…

The perfect combination of elegance and technology

The Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro is perhaps the most elegant smartwatch I've ever had to try in recent years. At first glance it can be easily mistaken for a very normal watch thanks to the round dial, the not too exaggerated thickness in line with classic watchmaking products (11.4mm), the two side buttons in chronograph style and the lack of contacts exposed on the back. necessary for recharging.

The 46.7mm case made of titanium has a matte finish on the part surrounding the display, while it is smooth and sparkling on the side in contact with the wrist. The material chosen, coupled with the sapphire crystal that protects the display, makes the watch really difficult to scratch and damage.

During my time spent together with GT 2 Pro I happened to have to do various jobs at home and on the PC, it goes without saying that while always wearing the smartwatch I happened to accidentally hit a pipe or scratch it against walls and computer cases. Huawei's watch has always come out as a true champion and, to date after more than a month of use, it still shows no signs of wear and could very well be mistaken for brand new.

On the right side of the case there are two buttons with a knurled edge that could easily be mistaken for rotating crowns. They are not, the Huawei watch lacks such an input. In any case, the top button is used to open the list of the various apps and as a "back" button, while the second button is customizable and by default allows you to start a training session without having to switch between the various system menus .

Huawei includes two straps in the package: a black one in soft rubber, more suitable for sportsmen and training sessions, and a gray one in genuine leather, more refined which, however, like all leather straps, tends to get damaged. more in the long run. Don't worry though, the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro uses a classic 22mm attachment, so you can buy your favorite straps later or use the ones you already own.

The 1.39 ″ OLED display with 454 × 454 pixel resolution allows an almost perfect camouflage of the dials and the always on display (AOD) with the black ring that surrounds it. The colors are vivid and bright, the Huawei software that always displays the information on a black background allows the display to be perfectly legible even on the sunniest days and not to disturb the eyes during the night.

Obviously both the dials that AODs can be customized from the Huawei Health app with an ever-growing library and where anyone can surely find something that satisfies them.

Many useful functions but also great shortcomings

software on board Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro is not Wear OS, but the now well-known LiteOS that we have come to know from the other recent wearables presented by the brand.

There are many aspects of the operating system that could be improved . For example, a reproach that I have already expressed for other similar products, is the lack of possibility to resize the text shown by the notifications. The visible characters are objectively too large and are not enough to allow a deep understanding of what the content of the alerts received is.

The transition animations between the various menus are very dry and make it almost seem that the smartwatch does struggles to keep up with UI, and that's not the case. Also missing are important functions such as the ability to make payments from the wrist via NFC and to install third-party apps such as Spotify or, indispensable in my case, the OneWheel control application.

GT 2 Pro excels, however, in the functions dedicated to health and exercise. It supports precise data tracking for over 100 training modes, such as climbing, outdoor running, rowing, surfing, tennis and many more. In addition, there are more than 10 courses with voice guidance perfect for improving your exercises with the suggestions of the virtual coach. The automatic recognition of activities is also active, which facilitates data recording even if you have forgotten to manually start a training session.

The smartwatch includes the now inevitable gyroscope, accelerometer, compass, GPS and it even includes an atmospheric pressure sensor, perfect for those who can't give up hiking or mountain walks. The heart rate sensor is sufficiently accurate and does not deviate from the readings taken with other gadgets of this type. The SpO2 blood oxygenation estimation function is present.

LiteOS allows you to track the various stages of sleep, a very useful function when the watch battery allows you to wear it even while you sleep, even if perhaps for some users may find it uncomfortable in this situation.

The stress level estimation works quite well if calibrated in the right way with the wizard that the Huawei Health app offers.

A little anecdote : a few weeks ago I came into contact with a Covid-19 positive person and, at the exact moment it was communicated to me, the smartwatch immediately detected a change in my stress level, caused by my doubt that I had been infected and of bringing the disease home to my elderly parents. Level that immediately dropped after receiving the negative result of the swab. As if to say, I was skeptical but I was surprised!

At 12:00 I got the bad news

Just recharge the smartwatch every night!

Huawei did an excellent job in terms of software optimization and battery life . Of course, I have never been able to reach, with my normal use, the 14 days between refills promised by the manufacturer. However, during this long month in which I have been able to try the product, I have always and constantly obtained from the 450mAh battery of the Watch GT 2 Pro a good 7 days of autonomy, wearing the watch 24 hours a day, even sleeping at night.

In my normal use I always include the always on display, as in my opinion the main function of a watch is to show the time at any time and a product that cannot finish the day in peace with the AOD on it doesn't deserve consideration, but I'm digressing. The other functions that are always active on the watch, in my case, are the reading of the heartbeat, the analysis of sleep and stress levels.

Wanting to extend the already more than enough battery life, it is You can fully customize the functions and behavior of the watch with results that can really vary a lot. An applause should therefore be made to Huawei for having left in the hands of the user the possibility of adapting the product to their needs.

Charging takes place by placing the watch on the magnetic wireless base supplied. The magnets are strong enough to ensure the watch recharges properly with every attempt plus it won't disconnect for any reason, not even if accidentally bumped.

Unlike what I complained about in the Huawei review Wach Fit, the Watch GT 2 Pro charging base has a USB Type-C port to connect the power cable to, making it easy to replace if it happens to break over time.

Conclusions: who should buy it?

Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro is complete, refined and suitable for any type of user: from the most sporty who train in many disciplines, to enthusiasts who want a cutting-edge gadget, up to reach the businessmen who want an elegant product on their wrist.

The package is completed by the great autonomy which, by current standards, is worthy of a medal.

It is sold at a list price of 299.90 euros, not low in ace terms lute, but easily justified by the quality materials, the functions dedicated to fitness, the battery life and the presence of two straps in the sales package. Furthermore, thanks to some promotions, it is possible to find Watch GT 2 Pro in figures around 229.00 euros. Considering the general performance and especially for the autonomy, we give the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro our Award.

If you want one of the best smartwatches on the market, consider this Huawei model, able to balance functions and elegance.

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