Which countries in Europe earn the most from 5G

Which countries in Europe earn the most from 5G

Forward Germany, France and Great Britain. While Italy, which is also ahead with the network, risks paying for bureaucratic obstacles. And here are the 4 sectors that will benefit the most

(photo: Getty Images) Now that Apple has also launched its iPhone 12 with 5G, no one is missing from the terminal manufacturers and the party, so to speak, can begin . Yeah, but what party will it be? Because fifth generation mobile telephony promises great changes but which are the most relevant use cases in Europe, also considering the political priorities of the EU (read: privacy) and industrial ones? What benefits? What risks?

Ericsson and Qualcomm, who have commissioned a study from specialist company Analysys Mason, wondered. According to the research, Europe, compared to investments estimated in the order of magnitude of 50 billion euros (with only 20 million of public funding), from 5G would see a return of more than 210 billion, i.e. an equal benefit-cost ratio. to 4.5 times. There are four areas in particular in which 5G will have a major impact in Europe.

Smart agriculture

The sector least expected to benefit from wireless telecommunication technology is that of agriculture. Yet, with the use of 5G fixed wireless access (Fwa) it will be possible to reduce the rural digital divide and increase inclusion by reversing the rapid population decline in rural areas. This reduces the need for travel and allows the increase of workers on site with more modern tools, automation of cultures, use of connected drones and tractors, up to 54.4 billion euros in benefits.

Intelligent production and logistics

With 68 billion euros of economic benefits, this is the segment that will benefit most from 5G. They range from logistics to the transport of people (airplanes and trains, but also highways) up to production in the energy sectors, raw material extraction and above all 4.0 factories. A circuit that was not put together by chance, because it is an interconnected supply chain. Connectivity, security, monitoring, optimization, but also flow management, just-in-time facilitation, reduction of congestion and carbon emissions.

The changing city

5G in the city it will be able to bring benefits of 29 billion to the city with intelligent management of public and private traffic and with an increase in the energy efficiency of buildings.

New public services

The revolution will also involve the health area (hospitals and GPs), local public administration, schools and tourism for 10 billion euros in benefits , starting with the best management of bureaucratic procedures, structures, school support, management of flows.

What is needed now

According to the Analysys Mason report, what is needed to make 5G produces wealth is that there are clear use cases for economic actors, that all three radio bands are available (700 MHz, 3.6 GHz and 26 GHz or millimeter waves) and that part of the Recovery fund be used for 5G.

But the real problem arises from the way in which costs and benefits will be divided. In Europe, the great magnet of 5G will be Germany, which will see its industries (especially in the production and logistics sector) rewarded with benefits of 38 billion euros compared to just over 6 billion in investment spending. France follows, with 15.5 billion in benefits and 4 billion in spending. Great Britain is third, with 13 billion euros in benefits and 3 billion in spending.

Italy is in eighth position in the ranking, after Spain (sixth) and does not have a good balance of benefits and investments: 7.6 billion the first against 6.6 billion of expenditure. It weighs the cost of building a complete 5G infrastructure, due to difficult orography, many small and very small centers, high taxes, local regulations and various kinds of opposition. The solution, in Italy and in the rest of Europe, argue those of the Analysys Mason, is in a series of directives that simplify the processes of creating networks and eliminate some bureaucratic obstacles.

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