PS5 Unieuro: disastrous management of pre-orders, chain responds but the case is not closed

PS5 Unieuro: disastrous management of pre-orders, chain responds but the case is not closed
We have received several reports on the disastrous management of PS5 pre-orders by Unieuro, which obviously infuriated users, so much so as to push them to open a dedicated Subreddit to try to take stock of the situation

Later to the article, the Unieuro chain contacted us explaining that the problems arose from a technical problem that led to errors in processing the payment of several hundreds of PS5 pre-orders, forcing the system to rework the payment process and lengthening therefore the processing times.

According to reports from Unieuro, in the last few hours the company should have contacted all the customers concerned, explaining to follow the instructions sent by e-mail to re-authorize the payment, so as to unlock the order.

The biggest doubt obviously concerns availability and delivery times, but Unieuro reports that the PS5 booked are still available and where would be delivered in a few days. Obviously, however, this cannot happen for day one of the console anyway but necessarily later.

Well, today November 20th there was a further update on the matter.

A user who is part of the Telegram group of over 150 people who made the second payment to Unieuro on November 17, he told us that to date less than 50% of them have received a confirmation email from the retailer, and only a few have seen the updated order tracking.

The fear of these users is that things are not actually as stated by Unieuro, ie that their bookings have not been isolated and that the chain is trying to buy time while waiting for a second refueling by Sony, which however could also take place in several days.| Due to a technical problem, for a few hundred PS5 pre-orders the payment was not processed correctly, forcing us to rework the payment process and therefore lengthening the processing times.

Between yesterday afternoon and this morning, we contacted the interested customers one by one, explaining to them that it is sufficient to follow the instructions sent to them via email to re-authorize the payment, so as to unlock the order and receive as much as possible. soon the product.

The reserved PS5s are still available in our warehouse and are only waiting for the order confirmation to be shipped. Customers will not have to wait weeks or months, but only the few days required for delivery.

We apologize to customers for the unpleasant misunderstanding and we thank for helping us to solve it.

The Unieuro Press Office.

Original article: Basically an unspecified number of bookings made on September 17, 2020 and paid via Paypal have not been confirmed, but without saying anything to customers. Yesterday 18 November 2020 the Unieuro switchboards were clogged by those who wanted to have information on the status of the shipment, because they were convinced that their pre-order had been successful. Think of their bitter surprise in knowing the truth.

Faced with the anger and blockage of call centers, the chain finally contacted those involved, sending an email with a makeshift Paypal address to pay for. new PS5, with the promise that the consoles will be shipped as soon as the receipt of the amount is confirmed and that the stock has been set aside.

Unfortunately, as of today, the day of the launch, Unieuro has not made known anything to these users, who do not receive answers even from the switchboard, practically unreachable. The only certainties for customers are that orders are still outstanding and that they will not receive the console on day one by now. They will probably have to wait a few weeks before they get it, if not months.

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