PS5: PS Plus Collection on Ebay, Sony wields the ban hammer

PS5: PS Plus Collection on Ebay, Sony wields the ban hammer
With the PS Plus Collection, PS5 players with an active PlayStation Plus membership get an attractive bonus: The game collection contains 20 PS4 games, including Bloodborne, Fallout 4 and Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. Thanks to the backward compatibility of the PlayStation 5, the PS4 games can also be played on the new console - sometimes with higher resolutions and faster loading times. Once the PS Plus Collection is linked to the PSN profile on PS5, the games can also be downloaded to PlayStation 4. A PSN login on the PS5 predecessor is sufficient for this: The games from the PS Plus Collection are then activated for "free" downloads - comparable to the regular PS Plus games.

Some users seem an attractive one To smell business and offer the PS Plus Collection on auction platforms for Ebay. The game collections are available online for the equivalent of 7 to 10 euros. When making a purchase, users should send their login data for their PSN profile to the seller on whom the PS Plus Collection is to be activated. The vendors promise to activate the collection for the buyer within a few minutes - some sellers already have more than 50 "orders". In order to play the games from the collection, buyers need an active PS Plus membership.

As Video Games Chronicle reports in relation to a Chinese forum, Sony is said to have already started to grant individual accounts from the PlayStation Network banish - both buyer and seller profiles are reportedly affected. While buyers should get a two-month ban, involved PS5 users get a lifelong ban, as it is reported. However, it is also assumed that Sony generally blocks console profiles that log into numerous PSN accounts over a short period of time. Among other things, this is intended to prevent account sharing. (buy now )

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