Only € 2 per month to protect your privacy with CyberGhost VPN

Only € 2 per month to protect your privacy with CyberGhost VPN
The week of Black Friday is coming, and with it the great offers dedicated to the world of VPNs return, with promotions pouring in from almost all the major companies in the sector! Therefore, in the spirit that has always distinguished us, in the next few days we will try to offer you the main offers available, both as regards the companies involved and, above all, the extent of the discounts available and in doing so we decided to leave. from what is the offer of CyberGhost VPN which, on the occasion of its Black Friday, has again spent its most recent and interesting offer, for one of the cheapest in recent months!

Read also: CyberGhost VPN - Review We are in fact talking about a promotion that will give you the opportunity to subscribe to the 3-year subscription plan for only 2 euros per month, including another 3 months of extra subscription, offered free of charge. , for a total of 35 months of subscription for only 78 euros! Believe us: it is really difficult to find better in terms of value for money, as we are talking about a cut on the original price of 83%, not to mention that CyberGhost VPN, by default, also offers its new customers a trial period 45 days free which, as you will understand, is not to be underestimated.

As already mentioned in the past, when this offer arrived on the occasion of Halloween, it is an offer that is nothing short of out of market. Both because a cost of € 2 per month is very rare even in the cheapest VPN range, and because the "money back guarantee" formula is generally limited to just 7 days, with few top player services offering 30 days. CyberGhost VPN goes further, and with its 45-day free trial it tries to win the favor of those who, to date, have not yet taken a look at this great VPN.

With over 6200+ servers in 90 countries and applications for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, CyberGhost has proven to be a very versatile VPN that allows, for example, to automatically use the best server available based on to the service to be used (Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc.), making it very easy to use even for those who are new to the world of VPNs, and also offers several extra functions such as blocking advertisements and malicious sites, or connection redirection.

A truly excellent service that, at a price of just € 2 per month, could be your best option to subscribe to a practical, functional and inexpensive VPN subscription, especially on the occasion of Black Friday how much, among an infinity of online purchases, there is a need to protect one's navigation and, above all, one's digital transactions. With CyberGhost you will no longer have these problems, so much so that our invitation is to hurry up to subscribe, which will be available at this price only until November 27th!

That said we leave you directly to the page where you can subscribe and where you can receive more information on subscription and payments however, before doing this, we want to remind you once again that if you are looking for offers or discount coupons, there is really no better place than ours Telegram channels, respectively dedicated to technology, hardware, smartphones and Chinese products, such as those of the Xiaomi, Redmi and Huawei brands. Happy surfing!

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