Guide to the Coven of the Shadowlands: Sylphs of the Night

Guide to the Coven of the Shadowlands: Sylphs of the Night
In the new expansion of World of Warcraft, players will face the dangers of the afterlife with the help of the inhabitants of these lands and during the main campaign they will have the opportunity to get a taste of all four Covenants, being able to immediately try the class skill of the coven and the distinctive ability, before choosing which coven to join.

We continue to offer you the guides where we will delve into the various covenants. After talking to you about the Necroslords of Maldraxxus, we will talk about the Night Sylphs of Selvarden!

The Night Sylphs of Selvarden

Led by the Winter Queen, the Night Sylphs look after the spirits of fallen nature, making sure that one day they can rejoin the eternal cycle.

Distinctive Ability:

Animorphosis: Allows you to transform into a fox, increasing your movement speed. Re-casting Animorph allows you to teleport forward a short distance. Additional aesthetic shapes can be obtained during the game. The effect has a short duration if you are outside a rest area, but it is permanent inside.

Coven class skill:

Death Knight: Duty of Death (replaces Death and Destruction): Corrupts the ground on the target location, inflicting periodic Shadow damage to targets in the area of ​​effect. Enemies hit deal reduced damage to you (up to a certain maximum) and their power is transferred to you with an equivalent Strength increase. As long as you stay inside the area, you can hit additional targets with Necrotic Assault and Assault on the Heart. Scourge Assault and Gripping Shadows will strike all enemies close to the target.

Demon Hunter: On the Hunt: Charge an enemy, dealing Nature damage and immobilizing them and dealing damage over time to up to 5 targets in the charge path .

Druid: Convocation of the Spirits: Summon the Sylphs of the Night to unleash an eruption of energy, channeling a flurry of 16 Druid spells and abilities in 4 seconds. You cast Moonfire, Sylvan Wrath, Regrowth, Rejuvenation, Sweep, Scratch, Claw, or Iron Fleece at an appropriate nearby target giving priority to your specialization.

Hunter: Wild Spirits: Summons a Wild Spirit at the target location which applies Wild Mark to all enemy targets below it for 15 seconds. As long as Wild Mark is active, any ability cast at a target deals damage to enemies within the area.

Mage: Shifting Power: Taps into the ground below for a certain amount of time, dealing periodic damage from nature to nearby enemies. While channeling, the cooldown of abilities is reduced.

Monk: Silfaglia Strike: Strikes the ground hard to manifest a line of silfaglia for 30 seconds, dealing Nature damage and taking an action according to your specialization. Your abilities have a 6% chance to reset the cooldown of Sylph Bump when fighting on a Woodland line.

Brewmaster: Carelessness is most effective against enemies in the Woodland. Mysticism: heal allies in the sylph with a dart from the Source of Essence. Impetus: Deals additional damage to enemies in the sylph. Paladin: Blessing of Seasons: Blesses party members with the appearance of one of the seasons, for 1 minute or until progressing to the next season. Has a 15 second cooldown.

Summer: Gives their attacks a high chance of inflicting additional Holy damage. It turns into Autumn after use. Fall: Increases skill recovery rate by 30%. It turns into Winter after use. Winter: Reduces the movement speed of enemies within 40m by 20% and their attack speed by 10%. It turns into Spring after use. Spring: Increases healing provided by 10% and healing received by 20%. It turns into Summer after use. Priest: Guardian Sylphs: Summon three guardian fairies for 20 seconds, reducing the cooldown of your abilities, reducing damage taken, and increasing mana or insanity recovery

Thief: Sepsi: Infects target's blood, dealing Nature damage over 10 seconds. If the target survives for the duration of the effect, it takes additional damage and allows you to disappear. The cooldown is reduced by 60 seconds if Sepsi does not reach the end of its duration.

Shaman: Transfusion of the Sylphs: Transfers the life force of up to 4 enemies to the target area, dealing Nature damage for 3 seconds .: Casting Transfusion of the Sylphs again within 20 seconds unleashes 40% of all damage dealt by Transfusion of the Sylphs, healing up to 4 nearby allies.

Sorcerer: Soul Rot: Withers the life force of the current target and up to 3 additional nearby targets, dealing Nature damage over 8 seconds. In addition, Life Drain casts also affect all enemies affected by your Soul Rot.

Warrior: Ancient Aftershock: Strikes the ground with the weapon, causing a seismic wave that deals Nature damage and stuns up to 5 enemies for 1.5 seconds. Enemies hit take Nature damage every 2 seconds for 12 seconds, providing rage.

But class abilities aren't the only Shadowlands Coven bonus. As players increase their Renown as they progress through the Coven Campaign, they will unlock new Soul Binding powers, gear and cosmetic items, exclusive mounts and pets.

Soul Bindings of the Silos of the Night

Soul Bindings are special upgrades, reminiscent of the old talent branches or Legion artifacts, which once unlocked and activated, grant players various bonuses in and out of combat.

The possible characters with whom to form a bond (soulbind conduits) among the Sylphs of the Night are:

Niya: “she is a Silvar who has been assigned to guard and take care of the Semebrados in her wood. You met her during a tragedy: the forest was made wither so that her Animum can be claimed. In her travels with you, Niya has learned the grim reality of surviving in the time of drought. She is an expert huntress who can read the tracks, her skills will help you solve the problem of drought and other threats to Selvarden “. Dream Plasma: "he is a calm and peaceful Sylph, able to peer into the dreams of the sleeping spirits of nature within the Forest Semebrads, while they await their rebirth. Dream Plasma helped you bond with a particular Seedling whose sleeping spirit has contacted you from within. Dreamweavers' healing powers will lend a hand while Selvarden is besieged by outside enemies. ” Korayn: “A huntress of the Wild Hunt, she is a strong-willed leader and a ferocious fighter. Charged with protecting the forest from the most insidious dangers, she will have no rest until her prey is killed and Selvarden is safe. When the Den of Hibernation suffered an attack, it was thanks to Korayn’s leadership and determination that the battle was won. "

Choosing a Coven

If you love nature and its spirits, and appreciate a sense of humor and fairies' pranks, then you will find yourself at home among the trees of the Night Sylph forests!

However, as mentioned before, different abilities and soul constraints affect the stats of the characters and their potential during encounters in raids, expeditions and clashes with other players. So if your goal is to perform at your best, unfortunately you will have to go with the Coven that allows you, thanks to the combination of soul constraints and skills best suited to your class.

N.B. : The choice of a Coven is not definitive, and even if it is penalizing, it is possible to change your affiliation if the Coven you have chosen you do not like anymore or has undergone changes that have made it the non-optimal option.

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