Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, let's rediscover the photo mode

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, let's rediscover the photo mode
Microsoft recently entered into a deal with Electronic Arts to merge EA Play and Xbox Game Pass. Among these titles, one stands out that last year went a little unnoticed, still managing to amaze and convince a large part of the public and critics who have had the opportunity to test it with their own hands. of this renewed attention given by the Game Pass, we have well thought of taking the opportunity to talk about its photographic mode and the many possibilities that this can offer.

Let's not delay and go to the (re) discovery of the photo mode of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

The Force flows mightily in this photo mode

Jedi: Fallen Order is a technically very valid title, able to provide glimpses of the universe of Star Wars as we had never seen it in a themed video game. As a result, immortalizing the ruins of Zeffo, or even just stopping at those early opening sequences at the landfill is an extremely succulent course for any lover of the saga.

Staying more closely tied to photo mode, this is extremely simplified , with all the commands necessary to move the camera freely within a large portion of the game (interesting is the choice of being able to go beyond the surfaces, so as to be able to grasp an action even from the outside, for example, of the spaceship on the which one you are).

The possibility of adjusting the focus and depth of field (which is now common in most of the most recent photo modes), as well as parameters for chromatic aberration, vignetting and grain. In addition, we can also find very scenic filters, which will help give an extra boost to your shots (if you don't feel too eager to do a more elaborate post-production job).

The strength of this photographic mode is precisely the great freedom of maneuver that is given to the player. With the absence of obstacles of any kind and an extremely high distance from the character, you will be able to capture the scene from the point of view that you prefer, whether it is the detail of a face or a suggestive long shot.

What to photograph in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Being an extremely close-up action title, there is no doubt that the combat scenes represent some of the most dynamic moments to capture. Whether it's your enemy blasters or your lightsaber that brings the scene to life, take full advantage of the lighting possibilities to try and make the most of every shot.

Exploration is another great aspect of Jedi : Fallen Order, which will often put you face to face with breathtaking scenery. Since the most impressive structures are also quite distant ones, perhaps not directly reachable, the most suitable choice to implement these mammoth structures within the frame is a classic and never banal long shot, so as to accentuate the gap between our Cal and whatever the subject of the shot.

Since these points of interest often develop in height, it is recommended to use a vertical format, so as to capture all the grandeur of these structures.

Don't forget BD-1! The cute droid who constantly watches our back is a role model to be reckoned with.

Same goes for the Mantis. Our imposing spaceship can easily become the protagonist of the shot, especially when we jump into Hyperspace.

This was our short special dedicated to the photo mode of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. We look forward to your best shots in the comments!

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