3 Nations Cup: Italy, Spain and Portugal compete in LoL and other Riot games

3 Nations Cup: Italy, Spain and Portugal compete in LoL and other Riot games
Riot Games has announced the 3 Nations Cup, an innovative export format designed to compare different nations on its main games. The first edition will be played between Italy, Spain and Portugal, three countries that will have to face each other in League of Legends, VALORANT, Legends of Runeterra and Teamfight Tactics. The teams, led by different influencers for each nation, will battle it out on Twitch from 7 to 8 December.

The 3 Nations Cup will be the final event to the competitive season of the various games and will do so in an innovative way and spectacular.

The event, for which Riot Games will rely on the support of LVP (Mediapro Group), will focus on entertainment and content generation, without forgetting what distinguishes both companies: competition . Three teams will participate in the first edition of the 3 Nations Cup: Spain, Italy and Portugal.

The captains of these teams will be the Spanish creators Ibai and Cristinini, the well-known caster and content creator Terenas for Italy and the newly appointed Head Coach of the Immortals (LCS), André Guilhoto, as captain of Portugal. The members of the respective teams will be announced in the coming days.

"The 3 Nations Cup is an event that brings together the communities of the different Riot Games games, to which we add the competitive part that distinguishes LVP. We want it to be one celebration of and for the community, which helps us to look back and remember the best moments, but also to begin to glimpse what awaits us in 2021, the year in which LVP will once again lead the main national competitions ", explains Jordi Soler , CEO of LVP.

"We are experiencing a unique moment in the history of Riot Games to be able to enjoy, together with the community, different games and genres that offer competitive formats at different levels. This moment, combined with the idea of ​​bringing more plus the different communities thus welcoming the newcomers, led us to the decision to create an event in which Spain, Italy and Portugal will try to compete in a multidisciplinary tournament, which will mix entertainment and competition on all our video games. We believe that a format of friendly tournament will encourage just that: that the entire community, both the League of Legends and the new ones that have formed with the entry of new titles, unite more than ever to support their representative teams, thus celebrating a historic year ", says Edgar Medina Rodríguez, Country Manager of Riot Games for Iberia and Italy.

The 3 Nations Cup will be held on 7 and 8 December and will see the presence of some the most famous faces of the ecosystem of the games represented. The semifinals of each match will be played on the first day, while the matches for third and fourth place and the final will be played on the following day. A medal table will also be used to determine which section will be the most awarded of the first edition of the 3 Nations Cup.

The 3 Nations Cup can be watched online via the LVP Twitch channel. In addition to the competition itself, each program will include major new Riot Games games throughout 2020, sneak peeks of what 2021 will bring, opportunities for content creators across all titles, and plenty of surprises for fans.

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