Public Administration, in February 2021 all services accessible via CIE

Public Administration, in February 2021 all services accessible via CIE
The Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato participated in the ForumPA 2020 Restart Italia, with a live webinar on the Electronic Identity Card and its identity and digital signature functions: "Spazio Mef. The Simplification Decree promotes the use of the CIE, a simple and safe digital identification and signature tool for all citizens ". All this was born out of the need to further digitize the services offered by the PA, through the Identity Card already in the possession of millions of Italians.

"With 18 million documents issued, the electronic identity card ( CIE) is the most widespread and secure digital identity for accessing the online services of the Public Administration and individuals. The Simplification Decree has given a strong acceleration to the dissemination and use of the electronic identity card in fact it is now possible to request its release even with a valid paper identity card and also the date of 28 February 2021 has been set to enable access to public administration services with the electronic identity card "declared Stefano Imperatori, Integrated Solutions Development Director of Poligrafico and Mint dello Stato, speaking at the ForumPA.

And he continued:" Through the Electronic Identity Card It is also possible to affix an Advanced Electronic Signature and this ensures to all holders a further simplification in relations with the Public Administration in the case of signing documents. Thanks to its physical and digital characteristics, the CIE therefore lends itself to being the "single card" through which citizens will be able to simplify daily actions, from accessing online services to means of transport, museums or offices or workplaces ".

Currently, the services of about 100 administrations in Italy are already accessible through the CIE, including, for example, INPS, the Ministry of Health and the State Police (list here). With the CIE it is also possible to access the online services of the European Public Administrations with the highest level of security, as required by European regulation 910/2014 (eIDAS). By downloading the "CieID" app on your smartphone, you can access the online services, both from your telephone and from your computer.

Since 2016, the year the project was launched, the number of emissions has grown steadily, reaching an annual volume of approximately 7 million CIEs with over 500,000 CIEs delivered every month; Italy will therefore be able to meet the deadline of 2026, established by the European Regulation 1157/2019, which provides that only electronic identity cards will be able to circulate (in Rome 928.117, in Milan 551.008, in Naples 432.019, in Turin 218.366, in Bologna 122.396, in Bari 116.769, in Florence 92.139).

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