PS5 DualSense: The battery lasts 2 hours with Astro's Playroom, the news drain charge

PS5 DualSense: The battery lasts 2 hours with Astro's Playroom, the news drain charge
During our tests with the PS5 we checked one of the most disturbing rumors on the DualSense, Sony's innovative controller. The new features of the PlayStation 5 controller, in fact, are incredible, but they come at a cost: with Astro's PlayRoom, for example, the battery of the DualSense lasts approximately 2 hours. Under normal conditions, however, performance comparable to that of the DualShock 4 is achieved.

One of the most awaited innovations of PlayStation 5 is certainly the DualSense: a device capable of guaranteeing truly original and next-gen sensations, capable of offering a level of immersion superior to all games that take full advantage of these features. This is clearly understood by reading our review of Astro's PlayRoom.

Too bad that at the moment Astro's Playroom, which we said is the game that uses adaptive triggers and haptic feedback most intensively, drains the DualSense battery in about 2 hours of game. After that we will be forced to recharge the controller or play with the cable inserted.

A really surprising time, especially considering that, in normal conditions, the DualSense has comparable performances (Pierpaolo Greco says slightly lower) to those of the Dualshock 4.

We do not know if it is a problem related to some battery optimization not yet implemented in the console firmware or other, but if it is confirmed, it could be a limit to the use of these features . The developers, in fact, could decide not to exploit them as they would have liked in order not to affect too much on the experience of the players.

Since many of you have asked us, we also checked if the DualSense would charge when connected to a PS5 that was completely switched off. The answer is no, the console must be put into sleep mode and the power management must be configured by hand to set how many hours the USB ports will remain powered. Exactly like on PS4 and PS4 Pro.

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