The chair you would have liked to try, with a 33% discount

The chair you would have liked to try, with a 33% discount
An image to understand what we are talking about:

BalanceSteel Lux Swedish orthopedic chair (see the offer)

This type of seat is something you love or hate, but inevitably intrigues. It was born as a concept to optimize the posture of the back, releasing the weight partly on the knees to avoid excessive fatigue on the spine. A panacea for those who have many hours of work on the PC in front of them, a way to protect their back and shoulders while waiting to find the time needed for a healthy physical activity.

The footrest ensures that the center of gravity of the body is moved forward, in the space between the pelvis and the knees, so as not to overload the spine: in the correct position, in fact, the arms must descend along the sides of the torso and the shoulders must relax when the position of the keyboard is placed just above the level of the pelvis; this unprecedented inclination of the chair allows the user to assume a position as correct as possible in order to give greater relief and avoid worsening related to a sedentary lifestyle.

Ergonomic Swedish chair, 33% discount

Apparently it is an extremely uncomfortable object by virtue of the originality of the position, but in practice it proves to be even more comfortable than a traditional chair and, if properly used, allows to offer important advantages to the back in the long term . Here is an image that clarifies the way in which it should be used appropriately when approaching one's work desk:

The seat

This type of seat is typically called "ergonomic Swedish": they are of various models, with different developments of the knee support and with different construction materials.

For example, if you conduct sedentary work on the computer, you should consider purchasing an orthopedic chair that relieves back pain and offers the correct seat angle. For this purpose, the features and shapes of our new BALANCESTEEL LUX orthopedic chair can definitely be right for you.

They are made of wood (but with more important prices, even if stylistically unsurpassed), but this model has a triple advantage: the resistance of the components, the comfort of the support and a price that is on offer in these hours with a cut that reaches 33%.

The Swedish ergonomic chair BalanceSteel Lux is available for a few hours at a price of 79.95 euros against the traditional 119.95 euros. The seller's feedback is extremely high and the shipment is immediate.

The measures

Detail not to be underestimated: the dimensions of the chair are very small compared to a traditional seat, thus being able to easily hide underneath the desk eliminating clutter: in the age of home office and smart working, this detail can also be important for the organization of one's workstation.

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