Instant Gaming, everything you need to know, did you already know everything?

Instant Gaming, everything you need to know, did you already know everything?
In recent years, the digital world has grown in more or less all sectors. In the gaming market, we have had an unpredictable increase, to say the least, thanks above all to Steam, but also to subscription services such as PlayStation NOW, Xbox Game Pass, EA Access and many others. Buying video games digitally, therefore, is no longer as expensive as years ago, on the contrary, it is possible to save large amounts in a reliable and legal way.

Among the many sites that offer the possibility to buy games digitally, saving money on list price, there is the popular Instant Gaming, a portal that has grown exponentially in recent years and has now become a real reference for digital lovers. Instant Gaming has built its reputation on legality, transparency and savings, quickly becoming appreciated by the consumers of the videogame market. In this article we will explore the well-known website in detail, explaining in detail how it works and its advantages like instant betting.

What is Instant Gaming?

Instant Gaming is a website for reselling digital codes, in fact, it allows you to buy a specific game code and redeem it later on a pre-existing store such as Steam, Origin, Uplay, Microsoft Store and PlayStation Network. Everything is immediate and reliable, you can pay with different payment methods including PayPal, and everything is ensured by a two-factor security via call, which greatly reduces the chances of account theft.

Once you have purchased a certain code, it will arrive instantly - hence the name Instant Gaming - in such a way that you can redeem it quickly and easily. Your account will also have a history of the orders placed, so as to keep track of all the codes purchased.

Instant Gaming, however, is much more than a code resale site, it is a real community where your friends can share trophies obtained through purchases or view your wishlist in order to be able to give you a certain title on sale. The game cards are also complete with information, with specifications, images, links to the purchase of any DLCs and instructions on how to install the individual product. We are talking about a site that, as a structure, strongly reminds the classic stores.

Are the keys legal?

The answer is yes - Instant Gaming Legit. Instant Gaming buys the game keys directly from suppliers and their stores, namely Origin, Uplay, Steam and so on. All this allows the people who work behind Instant Gaming to save a lot compared to classic physical stores and consequently offer advantageous prices to their customers.

How good are the prices?

Instant Gaming prices are very advantageous, especially for day one titles. Sometimes it is possible to find discounts of up to 70%, allowing you to buy a video game at a much lower price than its classic market value. To give you an idea, it is already possible to pre-order Cyberpunk 2077 with a 28% discount compared to the basic launch price.

These offers are valid for both PC games and all those video games aimed at consoles, such as Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, but not only, next generation games will also be included in the catalog.

how does instant gaming work?

So how instant gaming works? There is nothing more than simple than to buy on Instant Gaming. First of all you can decide whether to register by creating a specific account inside the system, or by simply logging in with your Facebook or Google profile.

Once logged in, you can search for your favorite game thanks to a system that allows you to filter the category - shooter, RPG, sports… - up to the platform - Xbox, PlayStation, Steam. Once you have chosen the game, it is time to purchase, which can be made with your credit card, or using PayPal, Skrill, Paysafe or a Direct Debit payment method. Everything is easy, intuitive and safe. Consider that each type of payment has an additional fee that varies from title to title, however the same is never high and allows you to be safer during the purchase.

As a last step it will be necessary to indicate the country of residence from which the purchase is made, information that will be used to calculate the taxation of the purchased good, at this stage you can choose Italy, other countries of the European community or countries outside Europe iGaming Casinos.

Still talking about safety , if you use Paypal as a payment system, before you can buy the game you will need to follow a kind of two-factor authentication, which is important to verify that the purchase was made by you and not by external people; in this case Instant Gaming will call you on your phone and will send you a numeric serial to enter in the available space, which, once done, will give you access to the code that can be copied and pasted on the specific store to activate the game.

Once you have obtained the code, you will be able to view the purchase in your order history, in order to keep track of all purchases made over time. This can also be done via the downloadable app from Android or iOS, which allows you to do virtually every single action on the website.

Truspilot ratings

The Trustpilot rating is a good one. indication to understand if a site is reliable or not. Instant Gaming from this point of view has positive reviews, indeed very excellent. Of the 432,000 reviews obtained by the site, 90% are full five-star, 7% are four-star, while the remaining 3% is divided between the most critical reviews, but which nevertheless go beyond the quality of the service, aiming for more. on opinions related to the quality offered by individual titles or by any hardware problems, an issue on which Instant Gaming has no fault nor responsibility.

How does customer support work?

A good site sales must also have good customer support and fortunately Instant Gaming has a really efficient and prepared one. In case of problems, just open a ticket through the site, the support, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is ready to respond quickly and competently to your problem.

There is also an assistance system divided base to ensure maximum timeliness depending on the problem: Orders, Pre-orders, Partnerships or Other. Each category offers adequate information to try to solve any criticality in an intuitive way, a way to avoid the possible use of a ticket.

Also from the Assistance section you can check the status of the ticket sent, so as to add any new information or cancel, if necessary, the request sent.

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