OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro will not be alone, OnePlus 9 Pro Plus arrives?

OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro will not be alone, OnePlus 9 Pro Plus arrives?
Fairly tough rumors reveal how OnePlus 9 could arrive sooner than expected on the market, also to take advantage of Huawei's difficult period that has found itself slowing down while waiting to find a solution to its hospitalization.

It seems that the Chinese company has rethought the recent solo launch of OnePlus 8T and in 2021 would have in mind to launch 3 OnePlus, obviously one with minimal differences from the other.

According to rumors, the standard model will be indicated with the code LE2110, the Pro model with LE2120 and there is mystery about another code surfaced which would be LE2127. That the Chinese company intends to market a OnePlus 9 Pro Plus like some of its competitors?

Obviously, needless to say, they will all be super top of the range with Snapdragon 875, displays of different sizes but all OLED at 144 Hz drilled in the middle top like the latest Note 20 and Galaxy S20 and an IP68 waterproof certification. Fast charging at 65 W present and Wireless charging will also return, absent in the OnePlus 8T model.

The photographic sector will also be better and will undergo an update of all modules. We imagine that if there is a Pro Plus model, he will have the maximum photographic side. But we will see with the next rumors.

In short, the OnePlus 9 family could really see the light a month earlier than expected. As mentioned, the company wants to take advantage of Huawei's difficult moment but also to follow in the footsteps of Samsung, which is planning to anticipate the launch on the market with the new Galaxy S21 a month earlier than the usual February / March period.

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