Google Maps asks users for help to complete Street View maps

Google Maps asks users for help to complete Street View maps

Android users will be able to contribute to the mapping of roads that are not yet reachable by Google Cars with their photos. Test in some pilot cities

(Photo: Google) Google Maps will begin to leverage crowdsourcing to enrich images on Street View. Big G's appeal is aimed at users, who will be able to upload photos of roads and routes not yet available in the map view.

So far, Street View images from Google Maps have been captured thanks to Google Cars , of the machines on which a camera is mounted on the roof capable of taking 360-degree snapshots of the surrounding environment. Unfortunately, these cars cannot access everywhere, leaving some streets not viewable through the Street View service.

According to Big G, this novelty will not only allow Street View to keep the images of the neighborhoods up-to-date, but will also extend its gaze to places it has never been to before, such as some pedestrian streets, country roads or mountain paths.

Users themselves will be able to help map the roads simply using their smartphone. The only prerequisites to access the project will be to use a device with an Android operating system that supports Big G's Ar Core augmented reality framework.This will allow the phone to send data from its various sensors, such as the accelerometer and gyroscope. , together with the images so that Street View can then orient them correctly to a point on the map.

Google explained that the images uploaded by users will undergo the same treatment as those acquired by Google Cars and that therefore the faces of people and vehicle plates will be obscured by the same software. Google has decided to start experimenting with this novelty in some pilot cities. More precisely, users from Toronto in Canada, New York and Austin in the United States, Nigeria, Indonesia and Costa Rica will be the first to be able to upload photos of places not yet reached by Google Cars.

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