Capcom under hacker attack, millionaire ransom demanded

Capcom under hacker attack, millionaire ransom demanded
As we all know, the IT security of your company is very important to ensure that the data of the same company and its customers do not fall into the hands of malicious people. Unfortunately, groups of money-seeking hackers have no qualms about trying to break into servers to subsequently extort a major ransom.

That's exactly what happened to the well-known Japanese video game developer Capcom, who recently was victim of an attack that led to the theft of 1TB of sensitive data from its corporate networks in the US, Japan and Canada, as pointed out by colleagues at Bleeping Computer.

Capcom, known for its iconic franchises of games, including Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter and Mega Man, said:

As of the early morning hours of November 2, 2020, some of the Capcom group's networks have encountered problems that affected access to certain systems, including email and file servers. The company confirmed this was due to unauthorized access by a third party and that it has shut down some operations of its internal networks as of November 2.

Credit: Bleeping Computer Currently, Capcom is not disclosed further details, but it appears that the attack was led by the Ragnar Locker group. Indeed, it appears that hackers have come into possession of accounting files, bank statements, budgets and revenue files classified as confidential, tax documents, intellectual property, proprietary business information, personal data of customers and employees (such as passports and visas) , corporate agreements and contracts, non-disclosure agreements and much more.

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If Capcom does not pay $ 11,000,000 in BitCoin to decrypt 2,000 devices on its networks and get information on the method used to penetrate its network, the group will publish all stolen or stolen data. will resell at auction.

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