The Oppo smartphone that can be extended like a papyrus

The Oppo smartphone that can be extended like a papyrus

The X 2021 concept can unroll from a diagonal from 6.7 to 7.4 inches and is protected by an ultra-strong laminate layer

(Photo: Oppo) Oppo X 2021 is an interesting concept phone featuring a extensible display that contains a whole series of new solutions at the service of flexible screens, with better performance and efficiency than current ones. The prototype was exhibited at the Oppo Inno event that was held in Shenzhen and which focused on virtuous innovation, also removing the veils from the special Oppo Ar Glass 2020 augmented reality glasses.

After having experimented the camera under the screen among the first, Oppo seems ready to unveil its first folding, which will offer different solutions than those seen so far. Specifically, X 2021 will be able to roll up in part to go from a diagonal of 6.7 to a wider 7.4-inch thanks to an elaborate and sophisticated motorized system that is based on two complementary plates that slide without creating those folds and lines. which can be seen on both the folding and clamshell models.

(Photo: Oppo) In short, once unrolled, the prototype is seamless, with a smooth and clean surface, like you can appreciate it from the video presentation below. The choice of wave motion is significant as an image that well represents a very fluid movement of the mechanism that expands the oled almost as if it were liquid, adapting to the wider diagonal. A benefit of this architecture also concerns a better optimization of spaces for fundamental components such as cameras, batteries, speakers and antennas.

The technology that affects the movement is called Powertrain Roll Motor and is combined with the one that protects the oled and which is called Warp Track with a 0.1 mm laminated layer that acts as armor to the always exposed display . It is not clear if this prototype will find a productive and commercial way next year, but for sure the papyrus screen solution is among the most studied and intriguing ones.

(Photo: Oppo) Collaterally, they were presented also the Oppo Ar Glass 2021 concepts, i.e. glasses intended for augmented reality by 75% lighter than the model already released, equipped with a ToF sensor for depth, an RGB and a fisheye. These wearables promise to complete the three-dimensional spatial localization computation in milliseconds for a deeper and more immersive interaction.

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