Call Of Duty Warzone: all the news of Season 1

Call Of Duty Warzone: all the news of Season 1
After a long wait and some small postponements, Season 1 of Call Of Duty Warzone is finally available. The arrival on the market of Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War was an excellent opportunity to bring substantial news also in the popular free-to-play battle royale. Additionally, Activision has unified the tiered system of the two games, so that all Battle Pass and player tier progress are closely linked. In short, the two game experiences come together in this beginning of Season 1, offering players many reasons to return to the vast areas of Verdansk or visit the new map of Rebirth Island. To further increase the variety of gameplay and the customization of our equipment, numerous weapons, accessories and kill streaks have been included directly from the Black Ops Cold War arsenal. New operators, skins and other aesthetic objects could not be missing either. So let's find out all the news of Call Of Duty Warzone arrived with the beginning of Season 1, so that you can be well prepared to dominate the matches in the popular battle royale.

Battle Pass and progression

The start of a new season has always been associated with the arrival of a new Battle Pass. For the uninitiated, this is a progression bar parallel to that of the player level. Simply by playing Call Of Duty Warzone you will advance with both the player level and the Battle Pass level. However, an important novelty has recently been available: the progression is closely linked to that of Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War. In fact, your level will advance both if you play the last chapter of the series and free-to-play with common rewards as well as for the Battle Pass. The progression of weapons in both games is also unique. So if you want to quickly level up your gear, we recommend you do it in the quick multiplayer games of Black Ops Cold War and then bring your upgraded arsenal directly to Verdansk.

The new Battle Pass can be purchased for 1,000 CP ( therefore with a cost of about 10 €) and offers numerous additional contents. Among these we want to point out the powerful MAC-10 submachine gun, available for free when you reach level 15. In total we have 100 levels of the Battle Pass in which we will unlock items even without investing money. There are in fact many skins, emblems, watches, business cards and even several new operators. To the list of playable characters are added those of Black Ops Cold War such as Adler and the new villain Stitch. In addition, new skins have been added for the Woods and Park operators, as well as others already present in previous versions of Warzone.

Rebirth Island

Perhaps the most important change of this Warzone Season 1 is the addition of the new Rebirth Island map. It is a small island capable of hosting 45-player matches in a single trio battle royale mode. The map is very narrow and the firefights are practically guaranteed from the beginning to the end of the game. On the ground we will easily find good level weapons and our equipment will be provided to us fairly quickly by the automatic supply. Everything was therefore designed to intensify the action and make the games much more exciting, without too much downtime like long trips to Verdansk. The real novelty of this map is the absence of the Gulag. In the early stages of the game each player killed will simply have to wait for a timer to rejoin the game. As the match progresses, the waiting time for returning to the match will increase unless our teammates kill any opponent in the match. However, if all three players on the team die before anyone can return, the match is automatically over for them.

Once you get to the final stages of the match, when the survival circle starts to get quite narrow, the automatic return mechanism is permanently blocked. From this point on, if we want to get our fallen comrades back by our side, we will have to buy them through the shops on the field, as we used to do in the classic battle royale. To encourage gamers to explore the new Rebirth Island, special limited-time challenges and objectives have been created. If you manage to complete all the required tasks you will get two exclusive legendary projects, as well as a series of skins and cosmetic elements.

News in Verdansk

Our good old Verdansk has also received important news to bring some fresh air to the gameplay and game mechanics. A new bunker has been added to the map, accessible via the airport runway, where a huge crater has appeared. Going down this hole in the ground you will find yourself inside the secret laboratories of Verdansk, where you will get the classic equipment crates, but it will not be easy to face other players in these confined spaces.

When you get killed by some opponent you will find yourself in front of a pleasant surprise. Your body, instead of being transported to the classic gulag, will be tied up in an underground room in front of monitors in full Black Ops style. From here you will have to wait your turn to participate in the classic 1 vs 1 match. Then change the map of this game mechanic that takes up the appearance of the evergreen Nuketown. The rules remain the same, if you win the battle, you return to the game with the rest of the team or in single, if you lose our teammates they will have to buy us through the appropriate shops on the battlefield. Finally, more than 30 new weapons have been added directly from the Black Ops Cold War arsenal. In fact, we will find old glories such as the M16 tactical rifle, the AK-74U submachine gun and the powerful AUG. These weapons can be easily collected on the Verdansk and Rebirth Island map, or equipped in our custom setup obtainable through procurement. In the coming days here on the pages of Multiplayer will arrive a guide dedicated to the best weapons of Black Ops Cold War available for free on Warzone. So stay tuned to find out how to upgrade your gear and dominate battle royale matches. Small note also for the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X versions of the game, which continue to run in backward compatibility. In fact, the developers have not yet released a real next-gen patch of the game, so in addition to a higher frame rate, there are no further improvements yet.

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