Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, the tried of Season One

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, the tried of Season One
A month has passed since the launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, a title received very well in the review thanks to a solid single player mode with interesting ideas and a multi that, net of the balance, had enjoyed us a lot . After receiving positive reviews also from the hard core of the players, Activision has begun to support the title as usual, adding new maps, weapons and modes to the equation.

All this, however, pulling the handbrake because the bogey of Cyberpunk 2077, in planning, had postponed Season One by a few weeks. Things did not go exactly as expected and the aftermath of controversy has drastically extended, however, removing visibility at the arrival of the first season of Cold War, a novelty not to be missed as it marks the beginning of a new era, a a necessary step to keep up with the times and essential in order not to waste a user base no longer willing to spend money on a few additions condensed in a short period of time: for the first time in the history of the brand, all post-launch support becomes "free" ".

The revolution of the brand

Fortnite has changed the balance and the importance of the Epic title is also seen in these situations, with the contenders forced to chase and adapt to a market where they no longer dictate the rules. However, following the path already traced by others can also have positive implications and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War sinks its hands fully into the ground, capturing all the peculiarities of the battle pass. The first season of Cold War puts on the plate an abnormal amount of skins, aesthetic gadgets and pure weapons and modes, enclosed in a huge package.

The Battle Pass comes with three acquisition modes: the free one that allows you to play regularly for all one hundred levels, occasionally unlocking some key rewards (such as weapons and COD Points); the Standard version with which to earn rewards for each level and a Deluxe version at more than double the price to start with a boost of twenty levels on the roadmap. In these two days we have therefore started playing furiously to understand the growth rate with the games and calculate the convenience or otherwise of the money outlay. The rewards, meanwhile, as we said, are juicy and interesting and fortunately Activision pursues the path of refunding the ticket price, disseminating the Battle Pass with a sufficient amount of COD Points to allow you to acquire the pass also for the next season.

It therefore seems clear that the main imprint is the desire to keep you glued to the servers, to continue to let you play and gratify yourself while keeping the ecosystem alive. Here then is that spending those 2400 Cod Points to start with a boost is perhaps not very convenient and we struggle to see the true value in the purchase. If you are not able, due to time or desire, to get to the end of the pass, those twenty extra levels will certainly not help you and our advice is therefore to save and buy the Season 2 pass with the same money, possibly. Upon purchase you will be provided with new skins, a permanent XP boost of 10% and the ability to play as Stitch, Adler's new villain seen in the event presentation. Nothing to tear your hair about, honestly, but it's still standard content now for this type of production, as are gadgets at gunpoint or 80s cassettes to be blasted. However, the structure of the Season pass is now clear and, despite the inevitable criticism from players who expected more from Cold War, we are faced with an offer that is still very clear in its contents and really rich in pure quantitative terms. In short, we are talking about a huge step forward compared to any loot box or DLC Pack with four maps and some superfluous modes seen in the past in the series.

So much without spending a lot

If you don't want to open your wallet, Cold War welcomes you on the sofa letting the new modes keep you busy, flanked by new maps and remakes of the old glories of the series. In fact, the return of Nuketown was unmissable but we were very pleased to rediscover Raid too, as we pleasantly crossed the shooting lines in Pine Mall, very similar to Moscow in terms of structure but equally varied and well designed. Since the launch COD has then been updated with the veteran mode and in terms of content today we can even play the Prop mode, a fun arcade variant of a shooter of this type. Also free of charge are the updates for Die Maschine, one in particular to celebrate the holiday season and dye the zombie theme red. They are not revolutions, of course, but they are contents designed to give you variety and to make the initial outlay worthwhile.

In short, in our opinion this year COD has really hit the right path to make sure that players feel pampered and supported properly over the long term. Too bad to have put the new weapons in the Battle Pass, albeit unlockable for free at level 15 and 31; options that, when they concern the gameplay, we always prefer to have available from the first moment, in order to avoid imbalances in the game. If this is fundamental in an extremely competitive game, for COD, however, you can also turn a blind eye, where the whole structure is based more on mere fun with the brain off and to us, honestly, it continues to do just fine. > Needless to go around it, Treyarch and Activision have found the way forward and it's crucial to understand that Call of Duty's post-launch support and extra content, rather than attracting new players, has the primary function of keeping veterans attached. Instead of always playing on the same maps and always on the same modes, the free updates refresh the title and give new stimuli, even if only for short periods of time, before letting you return to your favorite maps and your usual habits. For ten euros the new Season Pass is a bomb of content between skins and boosts of various kinds and, although the levels are certainly not given away, the desire to get to unlock the pumped version of Stitch or a high-level blueprint could be enough to make full use of this additional outlay, all the more so if we think that this year the progress will also be shared with Warzone and Modern Warfare allowing you to jump from one title to another without problems and continuing to be part, as planned, of the enormous Call of Duty ecosystem.


Lots of free content Various aesthetic goodies in the Season Pass DOUBTS New weapons linked to the progress of the season pass The cost of each level is really high

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