Best wireless video surveillance kit: buying guide

Best wireless video surveillance kit: buying guide
Are you looking for a buying guide that can show you which is the best wireless video surveillance kit? Very well, you just found it! In this in-depth analysis we will give you a whole series of indications on what we believe to be the most interesting devices on the market.

Before going into the details of the list, we will analyze the technical characteristics that can never be missing inside of a wireless video surveillance kit.

So take a few minutes of free time: we are sure that, once you have finished reading, you will have a picture of the best models that could be right for you. Happy reading!

How to choose a video surveillance kit

A necessary premise is that the best video surveillance kit does not exist universally: you have to take into account various specifications. You yourself will understand which product corresponds to your needs and expectations, the one that best suits what you need.

The kits are perfect solutions for those who have several access points to control, internal and / or external, and needs not a single security camera, but a real system. This is why we are talking about kits, which usually consist of several cameras and a control unit also equipped with a hard disk for archiving images.

Being smart products, they can be controlled via smartphone and remotely, in addition to the possibility of having notifications in real time. That said, there are some parameters and criteria that can never be missing within devices of this type. In particular:

Compatibility with voice assistants Possibility of expanding the kit in the future Apps, notifications and smart features Indoor or outdoor kit In the following paragraphs we will provide you with all the relevant information for each of these elements.

Compatibility with voice assistants

The first aspect to take into consideration is that the kit in question is compatible with voice assistants: in fact, not having the possibility to use Alexa or Google Home could represent an important lack , especially in a kit distributed throughout the interior and also outside the home.

Therefore, the possibility of controlling the video surveillance kit through the voice assistants is a factor to be taken into consideration.

Possibility of expansion of the kit in the future

Usually a kit includes 4 cameras, but there are also solutions with 6 or 8 devices or only with 2 or 3. The important thing is that the chosen model offers the possibility of expand and customize the video surveillance system, integrating multiple cameras or other additional devices such as sirens, motion sensors, burglar alarms, etc.

The presence of this peculiarity is really fundamental, also because you may need to cover one more space or insert appliances both indoors and outdoors.

Apps, notifications and smart features

In addition to the optimal functioning and the advanced technical characteristics of the product itself, it is necessary that it be managed by an app that is simple to use, which provides timely notifications in real time in the event of motion detection.

Control by remote control and the ability to stream in real time are functions of absolute importance, since we are talking about kits that must ensure live video surveillance.

The best systems also offer adjustment of the sensitivity of the motion sensor ( so as to avoid false alarms) and the scheduling of one's activities, so as to avoid waste.

Being a WiFi video surveillance kit, it is also important to consider the features offered within the app, as well as the interface of control of the various units.

Indoor or outdoor kit

This is probably the most important factor of all: what use do you intend to make of the video surveillance kit? Where do you want to place the cameras? In fact, there are outdoor or indoor camera kits, and the choice depends precisely on the destination you have in mind.

The former are waterproof, resistant to rain and snow, but also to sun, wind, cold or heat torrid. Usually they cost more than indoor ones because the cameras are made with very sturdy materials.

The second ones are not so "rocky": they are not resistant to atmospheric agents and water, which is why reason that they can only be used indoors. The technical characteristics also change, since the cameras in the internal kits are smaller and lighter.

To make your choice easier, we have decided to select five models that can be installed both internally and externally. In this way you will have an eclectic product when needed, when your needs change.

The best video surveillance kits

Great, now that we have seen what the aspects must be inevitable within these products, we can enter the heart of the guide and find out which are the best wireless video surveillance kits. No delay, let's go!

Arlo VMS3330

Considered by many to be the best ever, the Arlo VMS3330 kit has 3 wireless cameras with HD resolution with which it is It is also possible to record at night. From this it follows that it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The system in question has all the most important functions that a kit of this type must have: in addition to the versatility of the installation, Arlo VMS3330 guarantees motion tracking, real-time notifications when motion is detected and compatibility with Alexa, Assistant and Home Kit.

Video storage takes place on the Cloud and there is no subscription. The kit is available on Amazon at a price of 295 euros

Ezviz C3A

The second model that falls right into our list of the best wireless video surveillance kits is Ezviz C3A. It is a system consisting of 3 cameras, with the possibility of purchasing additional ones, since it supports a total of 6.

The cameras in question have a resolution of 1080p, and can also be used independently, but connected to the base station consume much less battery (which is 5500 mAh and guarantees an autonomy of up to 2 months, depending on use).

Ezviz C3A can be used both internally and externally, even at night , and has a 126 ° viewing angle. There is also a PIR motion sensor and the integration of notifications in real time. There is compatibility with Alexa and Google Home. The base station also features a 100dB siren.

As for the price, the model is available on Amazon at the price of 299.99 euros

Foscam Kit

Also worth mentioning is the video surveillance by Foscam, a brand famous for its smart solutions and more. The system proposed here consists of 4 WiFi cameras and an NVR to be connected to the router via Ethernet cable and to the monitor via HDMI.

The 1 TB hard disk is remarkable, capable of recording continuously for about 14 days. Furthermore, the NVR has support for a hard drive up to 4TB. The plug and play cameras are 1 MP with 1280x720p resolution, are equipped with night vision up to 20 meters and have a viewing angle of 62 °.

Like all the other kits in this list, also this can be mounted both indoors and outdoors. Manageable remotely and via the app, it integrates email notifications in case of detection of suspicious movements. The price for this product is 344.37 euros

Floureon Wireless Kit

We are almost at the end of our guide, but let's continue with the Floureun wireless kit, characterized by presence of 4 cameras with 1080p resolution applicable both in indoor and outdoor contexts (also given the IP66 waterproofing).

The cameras present here can also shoot at night and have a viewing angle of 90 degrees. It is very simple and practical to use, also given the presence of P2P technology and the intelligent IP Pro connection, which allows you to connect more quickly to a smartphone or tablet.

The app is also very simple, which allows you to monitor the situation in real time even from a distance. Furthermore, a reception of notifications via email is activated as soon as a movement is recorded. Price chapter: Floureon Wireless kit costs 107.95 euros

Sannce Poe Kit

We close our selection with this PoE video surveillance kit with 8 cameras: Sannce Poe Kit is undoubtedly one of the most interesting products on this list, since thanks to the Power over Ethernet function it uses a single cable for power supply and signal transmission.

The cameras can be used both outdoors and indoors. inside, since they are waterproof and weather resistant. As for the images reproduced, they are clear and detailed: the resolution is HD at 1080p. Good both day and night.

Transmits live video and records, and the kit sends an email notification the moment it detects movement. Quick and easy to install, it connects to your smartphone or tablet with P2P technology. You can find it on Amazon at the price of 249.99 euros

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