December 27, Jazz streaming with Huawei

December 27, Jazz streaming with Huawei
Blue Note Milan, the heart of Italian and international jazz, renews its collaboration with HUAWEI Video, a leading company in technology and main partner of the event, and returns to make its music heard with a new concert of the "The Heart of Jazz" project - the series of performances in streaming broadcast live from the venue in via Borsieri - to be held on Sunday 27 December 2020 at 6.00 pm (CET).

On stage a great Christmas classic of Blue Note Milano: the Gospel Voices Family , accompanied by a special guest. Exceptional presenter Nick The Nightfly, historical voice of Radio Monte Carlo and artistic director of the venue.

As for the first live streaming concert on 8 May 2020, this time too the fundraising for the International Red Cross, with the aim of supporting and thanking all the people who have experienced the Covid-19 health emergency at the forefront in recent months and continue to be of fundamental importance in tackling the pandemic.

Il concert will be broadcast in full HD live streaming, exclusively on the HUAWEI Video platform in 26 countries, from Europe to Asia, from South America to the Middle East to convey a wish for peace and union that goes beyond national borders, offering a unique live experience that will allow users to immerse themselves in the magical atmosphere of Blue Note Milano, even warmer during the Christmas period, and to feel close even if physically distant.

Blue Note in Milan

"The Heart of Jazz is a project that came to life during a particular historical contingency, that of the first lockdown from Covid-19, but is part of the digital development plan that our company has already undertaken in 2019 ”Says Andrea De Micheli, President and CEO of Casta Diva Group, the company that owns Blue Note Milano. “The pandemic risked eliminating social relations, but thanks to technology we can continue to be in contact with people and share important moments like this. It is not the same thing, of course: live music is irreplaceable, but the excellent quality of the video footage and audio recorded at the Blue Note produce an emotion as close as possible to "the real thing". The first concert of The Heart Jazz series, which saw Paolo Fresu play in a Blue Note inaccessible to the public in a single evening, totaled double the number of spectators hosted by the venue in an entire year, demonstrating the visceral need that people had in that moment to share a musical experience. The entertainment sector has nothing futile: it is a psychological machine that injects positive energy into the social and economic system of our community and now more than ever we all need it ".

“Live music is the trademark of Blue Note Milano, the quality of the artistic proposal is our greatest asset”, says Daniele Genovese, CEO of Blue Note Milano. “The Heart of Jazz project sanctions the digital transformation of the venue and represents the possibility of continuing to bring great music to fans and revive the magic of our club. We had already given signs of trust and hope by reopening in September with a rich and high-level programming and organizing the Jazzmi festival with Ponderosa and Teatro dell'Arte, but we want to continue to transmit optimism towards the future with this important project, which allows us to stay close to our audience and give this Christmas a show that hits the listener's heart directly ”.

“By combining the innovation of technology with the power of live music, we want to help improve people's lives during this difficult time,” says Kevin Liu, President of Public Affairs and Communications Department of Huawei Western Europe . "For over 20 years, Huawei has maintained a strong presence in Europe and is honored to share this important role as the main partner of The Heart of Jazz, with the aim of helping people stay connected and experience entertainment as much as possible. together with technology. Technology has no boundaries and so does art. All we can do is continue to remain connected, both physically and mentally, in the way we know how to do, taking advantage of technological innovation more and more "concludes Liu.

In collaboration with Huawei

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