Amazon Prime Video best science fiction series | November 2020

Amazon Prime Video best science fiction series | November 2020
Amazon Prime Video best science fiction series: what are the must haves proposed by the streaming service to date? The world of streaming entertainment is usually immediately associated with Netflix. The Reed Hastings giant presented itself to the general public as the first true streaming entertainment portal, paving the way for other similar services that have come to contend with Netflix for the affection (and time) of fans of series and films. Among these competitors, Prime Video, Amazon's service, is one of Netflix's most active antagonists. Amazon Prime Video, like its competitors, has a full-bodied offer, which risks being dispersed when we sit on the sofa in the evening in search of the film or series to spend an hour of relaxation. To help you with your research, we have compiled a tip for you on the best science fiction TV series available on Amazon Prime Video

The best science fiction series on Amazon Prime Video

Electric Dreams Picard The Expanse Tales from the Loop Continuum The Man in the High Castle Dispatches from Elsewhere Upload Battlestar Galactica Future man The Handmaid's Tale Truth Seeker If you want to try the Prime Video service just sign up for Amazon Prime and you have included it for free in your subscription

Electric Dreams

Inspired by a collection of short stories by the American science fiction master Philip K. Dick, Electirc Dreams is an anthological series in which the different characteristics typical of Dick's fiction. Dystopian worlds, unusual alien invasions and extraordinary events that intertwine with everyday life. Faithful to Dick's worldview, Electric Dreams is a good science fiction proposal, whose anthological nature allows the viewer to enjoy these sci-fi clippings at will.



After making Star Trek fans hope for years, Patrick Stewart returns to take on the role of one of the characters who have made him famous, Captain Jean-Luc Picard, commander of the Enterprise from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Ten episodes, for the first season, which pushing on the nostalgia effect of Star Trek fans take Picard on an adventure to the galaxy, facing a titanic rescue mission.

To enjoy Picard at its best, we recommend to retrieve some episodes of The Next Generation, available on Netflix. You can read our review here.


The Expanse

Science fiction series with a complicated life, despite being a of the most loved by the public. The Expanse seems to have found a safe haven in Amazon Prime Video, where it can continue to tell the adventures of Captain Holden and the crew of the spaceship Rocinante. Based on the novel series by James SA Corey, the series thrills with its balance between classic sci-fi and a realistic approach to science.

Plots, mysterious alien organisms and space exploration give life to a dynamic and exciting, now in its 4th season. You can read our review here.


Tales from the Loop

Taking inspiration from illustrations by artist Simon Stålenhagg, contained in the volume The Loop, on Amazon Prime Video gave life to a world in which technology has created a society in which extraordinary events hit a small town near a structure in which a particle accelerator was built whose activity that gave life to a singularity.

Apparently unrelated, the eight episodes that make up the first season are a fascinating story that pushes the viewer's mind towards new suggestions. You can read our review of Tales from the Loop.



Nel 2077 humanity seems to have reached an ideal social level, but some rebels, belonging to Liber8, do not accept this imposition, trying to overthrow the government. As a last resort, they decide to take a time travel to 2012 to prevent the creation of this company. In an attempt to prevent their journey, a policewoman, Kiera, gets caught up in the time stream. In 2012, Keira will pretend to be a policewoman to find and stop the terrorists.

Series in 4 seasons, Continuum is a good science fiction proposition, which combines the classic of time travel with a series of good ideas.

The man in the high castle

What would have happened if Germany had won World War II? Philip K. Dick answered this question with the novel The Swastika in the Sun, which inspired one of Amazon Prime Video's most beloved science fiction series. In a world where the U.S.A. they are divided between the Third Reich and the Japanese Empire, which keep the US population under an iron regime, countering strong resistance, spurred by the message of hope of Man in the High Castle, which spreads images and messages about a better world. But what if this alternate world were more real than imagined?

Taking much liberties from the original novel, The man in the high castle, in its four seasons, tells of a compelling and vital dystopian world.


Dispatches from Elsewhere

AMC series that offers discreet science fiction, enslaved by a story marked by an emotional narrative and built on incredible twists. Four protagonists involved in a mysterious manhunt, an engaging game that distorts their lives and pushes them to confront the way out of their comfort zone. An eclectic and exciting idea that combines science fiction with the most sincere emotion, as we tell you in our review.



What could happen if death could be defeated simply by downloading one's consciousness in a virtual paradise? One would become immortal, but this eternal life has a cost! Upload tells of a young inventor who is saved from a fatal accident by being 'uploaded' to this pixel paradise, but what if not everything was as it seems? Ulpoad is based on a concept dear to science fiction and already used in other productions, making it the compelling starting point of a story that offers the viewer to question current moral dilemmas in an ironic key, as we tell you in our preview


Battlestar Galactica

Reboot of the homonymous television series of 1978, Battlestar Galactica 2004 is a production which has rewritten, in its own way, the science fiction genre. Humanity is forced to flee the evil Cylons, cybernetic beings created by humans themselves, seeking a new home after their planets have been destroyed by the army of robots. Politics, spirituality and great battles are the basis of the success of what is still considered one of the best science fiction series ever.


Future man

What could happen if a video game addict in a science studio discovers that he is the last hope of the human race? This is what happens in Futureman, the original Amazon Prime Video series, which in three seasons tells of time travel, time paradoxes and strange weapons!


The Handmaid's Tale

Inspired by Margaret Atwood's novel of the same name, The Handmaid's Tale takes us into a dystopian reality in which humanity exhausted by wars and pollution, it faces a zero growth rate and continuous social revolts. Independent spheres of influence are created, and in North America a biblical totalitarian regime known as the Republic of Gilead takes power, in which women are considered useful only for reproductive purposes. The Handmaids are enslaved women, used for reproductive purposes, the series tells the story of one of these unfortunate girls.


Truth Seeker

Award-winning company Nick Frost and Simon Pegg is back in action with a series that combines sci-fi and paranormal atmospheres. A middle-aged man convinced of the existence of the paranormal uses his job as an internet service installer to investigate British homes, also involving his new colleague. Sparkling, with touches of sincere emotion and an ending that bodes well for a second season. You can read our review here.


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