PS5 available for purchase from MediaWorld?

PS5 available for purchase from MediaWorld?
PS5 seems to be available from MediaWorld in these hours, with Santa Claus who evidently decided to surprise everyone and supply the stores of the famous chain with the much desired Sony console, or at least allowing users to book a new delivery of units, but it is not clear how the situation is at the moment.

Based on what has been proven, it is actually possible to put the console in the cart but it seems that it is not possible to conclude the operation at checkout, or at least several tests have not led to the desired result, so the idea is that it is a system error or a small delivery already exhausted whose status is not yet updated on the system.

Original article:

È probably the case to hurry because we do not know how many stocks are available: the model currently present is the one with an optical reader, that is, capable of running games on disc, probably the most sought after by the public co, at the standard price of 499 euros. However, it is not clear when the shipment could be expected, because stocks are unlikely to actually be in stock, as this is a sort of presale.

Actually it is not clear what the actual availability status is PS5, but at the moment it is possible to put it in the cart: in some cases the system reports "not available", in other cases it is "available", obviously it is still settling down or maybe there is some system error involved. Apparently it is possible to buy online and then collect the product directly in the store, in addition to home delivery.

In any case, find PS5 on the MediaWorld site at this address, at least as long as it remains available and considering the trend of recent months, there is probably to hurry, taking advantage of the distraction of many among gifts, panettone and mega-Christmas lunches.

Attempting does not harm, even if we do not ensure that the operation is successful, considering the chaos that usually occurs in these cases and this mysterious availability that has sprung up just for Christmas day, we'll see.

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