Call of Duty Warzone benefits the best - here's why

Call of Duty Warzone benefits the best - here's why
An Italian youtuber, savyultras90, analyzed Call of Duty Warzone's SBMM (Skill Base Match Making) system to answer a question: "Does SBMM exist on Warzone?". This function allows you to create lobbies based on the skill level of the players, in order to guarantee balanced games.

The youtuber and his collaborators used a publicly available script called S BMM-Analysis by "lapalice88" on GitHub. This was used to collect data from 650 different games with 96,864 players, 88,117 unique players, 26 international players and 3 Italian Top Players. Then they divided them according to the ratio (Kill / Death Ratio, abbreviated to KDR), ie [0.75], [0.75 - 1], [1 - 2], [2 - 3] and [> 3]. It is important to specify that all the analyzed players, apart from the youtuber's team, are random.

From the first shared slide it is possible to note that the games are more facilitated for users with 0.75 of KDR who find themselves at the lobby interior on average easier. While all users with KDR greater than 1, on the other hand, find themselves in lobbies that are nothing short of random, with users with KDR greater than 3 appearing instead in "easier" lobbies (for their skills) than those who a lower ratio level.

This discrepancy is due to the fact that about 95% of the 96,864 analyzed have a ratio of less than 2, thus making it difficult for the Activision team to create more competitive lobbies for players of high ratio. In the histogram below it is in fact possible to note that the average lobby of the KDR is 1,121, certainly quite easy for those with a ratio greater than 3 (a number of users equal to 0.77% among the nearly one hundred thousand analyzed).

Another curiosity that makes SBMM doubtful comes from the KDR density graph: while users with ratios between 0.75 and 1 are more to the right, all other levels are very close to each other. This indicates that the average level of lobbies fluctuates between 1 and 1.25 (0.25% swing) showing that almost all players find the same level of lobby.

Next, the team analyzed the relationship between the Team KDR and lobby KDR hoping to find higher ratio lobbies for high ratio teams. Unfortunately this is not the case, showing a correlation between team ratio and lobby ratio of 0.2 ... there seems to be no pattern.

Analyzing the data collected in 50 games with 22,000 total players and 21,000 unique top players 3 Italians, the most difficult lobbies they had to face had a KDR of maximum 1.45. A figure that shows that, in fact, there are no games with KDR equal to or greater than 2, making life easy (or almost) for the most skilled players.

After analyzing the various graphs, the savyultras90 team has concluded: “… that KDR is a parameter that affects matchmaking, but it is definitely not the main parameter. The willingness of the players to fill the lobby and the quality of the connection may be the factors that influence the creation of the lobby the most. "

So what do you think of the data collected in Call of Duty Warzone by the youtuber? Argue in the comments! We also invite you to view our review of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War!

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