Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Death Stranding mission guide

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Death Stranding mission guide
Death Stranding was, for better or for worse, a turning point for the gaming landscape, so much so that several software houses have shown their appreciation for the title of Kojima Productions.

The new chapter of the Assassin's saga Creed immediately took the ball to insert a substantial easter egg into the game world, even turning it into an almost hidden assignment. Let's see how to complete it in this guide to the Death Stranding mission in Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

How to activate the mission

First of all, you will have to build the general store at your camp. With that done, head to the back of the tent.

Here you will find four items and a note. The latter shows the places where to deliver the aforementioned objects, scattered throughout the English lands.

Before you start delivering, go and talk to Yunli (the merchant of the general store). This will tell you what that message represents and why it was there.

Now you just have to choose one of the objects, load it on your shoulders and reach the places with your mighty legs. You got it right. You will not bea> able to use the horse because these objects count in the same way as corpses or jars of oil.

So there are two things: either you venture on foot (calculating the slowness due to the weight of the objects), or you load onto a boat (be it your drakkar or a raft), you approach your supposed destination and then continue on foot anyway.

We recommend delivering one item at a time. Don't load them all onto a boat as they could disappear if you stray too far from it and, therefore, still force you to return to the settlement.

Furthermore, the positions are not shown on the map, but must be found based on the clues contained in the initial message (which you can consult as many times as you want, since it is in your bag, inside the inventory) .

The stone slab

Let's start with the stone slab, the one that made us sweat the most. The recipient is located southeast of a bridge in South Lincolnscire.

You cannot imagine the difficulty in finding the bridge. At first we thought that it could be the one that unites this region to Ledecesterscire, just near Ledecestre. But, after hours of research, we finally figured out that the region's division did not include a center and, therefore, we found the farm near the Lincoln City South Bridge.

Leave the slab at the lady's feet right away outside the door and it will reward you with silver, thanking you for the delivery.

The Rose Water Jar of Mead

This destination is the most difficult, if we talk about level of the region. With a nice 220, the Glowecestrescire is certainly not a territory to walk for newbies. Therefore, we advise you to venture there only when your level is at least minimally close to that reported, otherwise an angry chicken will really be enough to make you have to start all over again.

In any case, avoid the streets and be careful to animals in the area. The hermit's hut is located just north of Sabrina's spring. It's also prominently displayed on the map, as it's the only civilian building there.

The Crate of Bowls

This delivery may seem easy, but it's not at all. The target is in Ledecestre, a hostile area with several guards patrolling the streets of the city.

First, put your cargo on a small boat and head to your destination. Do not dock directly at the port of the city, but continue along the river, so as to enter through a gap in the western walls.

Once inside, often use Odin's View to locate enemies. The recipient is located in the building on the corner of the streets connecting the Roman baths and the church.

The anvil

The anvil is much easier to deliver. Just head to Lunden's West Gate. Entering the archway, head left. The blacksmith's shop is characterized by different armors.

Again, it must be said that we got a bit lost, taking as a blacksmith the one immediately south of the church (which, in our defense, seemed in all and a blacksmith for everything).

Once you have everything, go back to Yunli. This will be eternally grateful to you, but it will not repay you with any rewards.

It may be a bug that prevented us from obtaining it, but we believe that the silver delivered and the easter egg itself are the reward for a mission hidden like this one.

Let us know, as always, what you think and tell us about your experience with this little secret of Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

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