Sonos One as a gift by purchasing Roomba i7 + or Roomba s9 +

Sonos One as a gift by purchasing Roomba i7 + or Roomba s9 +

UPDATE 25/02/2021: with this update we simply want to remind you that the promotion is still active and can be used by anyone.

A very interesting promotion has started on the official iRobot store which, until 7 March, will allow you to receive the prestigious Sonos One wireless speaker for free if you proceed with the purchase of one of the company's two top-of-the-range robot vacuum cleaners, the Roomba i7 + and Roomba s9 +. An excellent opportunity, therefore, to equip yourself with two top-of-the-range products at the same time, as are the iRobot vacuum cleaners and Sonos speakers.

Of course, the expense to be incurred is not at all light since it is necessary to spend at least € 999.00 for the Roomba i7 + robot vacuum cleaner, but when it comes to top of the range products you have to take this into account. Having said that, to receive the Sonos One as a gift is very simple, since once you have finished the purchase of the robot vacuum cleaner, all you have to do is sign up on the Nital website and register your purchase.

That said, let us briefly explain why these models are so expensive, taking into consideration the least expensive, the Roomba i7 +. Well, with this solution you can completely forget about house cleaning, as it is able to take care of the total cleaning of the rooms by itself, as well as automatically transferring the collected dirt to the appropriate base, without running the risk of running into allergens, pollen and molds thanks to the resistant 4-layer bags. The aforementioned base is able to guarantee up to 30 emptying, before it is necessary to extract the contents by hand to free it from dust and return to function.

Once you have mapped your home, the Roomba i7 + will leave you speechless, as it will be able to collect any type of dirt, even in the most difficult places, where cheaper solutions often tend to get stuck or, worse , lose the position, moving afterwards in a totally random way. With a robot vacuum cleaner of the caliber of Roomba i7 +, you can be sure that all this will not happen, even when faced with carpets with important thicknesses. In short, everything has been designed to make this device work in the best possible way and with maximum efficiency.

Having said that, we just have to point out the links through which you can buy one of these two exceptional products , in addition to the page from which to register the purchase and the complete regulation. But first let us remind you once again to subscribe to our four Telegram channels dedicated to offers, where we will offer you in real time all the best promotions related to Chinese technology, hardware, smartphones and products. Happy shopping!

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