One Piece: Tony Tony Chopper & Usopp Figuarts Zero: the review

One Piece: Tony Tony Chopper & Usopp Figuarts Zero: the review

One Piece

In the previous review we have described in detail the first figure of the Figuarts Zero line starring Monkey D. Luffy (Luffy Taro) who is part of an incredible mega-diorama composed of members of the Straw Hat crew, taken from the narrative arc of Wano. In this new double analysis we will examine the second wave composed by Tony Tony Chopper (Chopaemon) and Usopp (Usohachi).

The characters

Tony Tony Chopper known simply as Chopper is the doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates. He is the youngest member of the crew, although in reality he is a reindeer who has ingested the fruit of the devil Homo Homo, thus allowing him the human appearance and behavior and the ability to speak. Chopper grew up as a doctor on Drum Island, until the day he saw a ramshackle pirate captain come into his life and forced him to accept the role of crew doctor in his crew. Although he was initially opposed to joining Luffy's crew, he remembered Dr. Hillk's desire to see him travel the world and expand his horizons.

Usopp is a sniper and a gunner, he is the fourth protagonist to become a member of the Straw Hat crew and we can say that we have known him since the beginning of the manga. Usopp has curly black hair and a long nose (just a reference to Pinocchio because of the many lies he told in the village where he was born), a young, thin boy with a slightly olive complexion. He also always carries a yellow bag with him, where inside he keeps his tools and gadgets that he uses during battles.

Packaging and Blister

The graphic layout is unique for both statues (as for the previous one), it is characterized by a completely white background, the photo of the protagonist in the lower left corner , from the name of the character, from the logos of One Piece, Tamashii Nations and Bandai Spirits and in both boxes there is a transparent window that lets you glimpse what's inside. Usopp stands out because it has a very welcome Bonus part. What will you ask yourselves? Three alternative faces of the characters already released, so in addition to his we find those of Monkey D. Luffy and Tony Tony Chopper. In support of the figures we will find two transparent pins of different sizes that will allow us to support the characters in the air (even if it will be used one at a time), in fact, by consulting the instruction booklet we learned that the longer one will be used to be exposed together with the other protagonists in order to be taller. Here too we find a transparent blue rhomboid base, with printed clouds, cherry blossom petals and the character's name in Japanese.

Tony Tony Chopper (Chopaemon)

Let's go in order with the description of the two statics and let's start with the ship's doctor. When we take it out of the small box, the tactile and visible impact is really very positive. This figure is made of PVC about 7 cm high and represents the pirate jumping and throwing a Shuriken (ninja star). Chopper wears a green kimono with no shading. Thanks to this particular ninja clothing, the reindeer horns this time are well hidden by the hood and are not visible as we have always been used to seeing them, but we can still notice the folds of the fabric that suggest their existence even if, yes they can see. Although the reindeer is small in size, even the smallest details certainly have not been overlooked, overall it is quite accurate with no burrs or particular signs of mold defects or other.

Usopp (Usohachi)

Let's now turn to that nice rogue Usopp. This second statue, like the first, has a dynamic pose showing the sniper jumping and about to attack someone with a sword and measures approximately 12cm in height. Unlike Luffy and Chopper, Usopp wears a two-parted and differently colored Kimono. The top is blue, while the pants are black and white vertical stripes. The sculpt, on the other hand, is perfect and we have absolutely nothing to report, the expression is really fantastic with a fake beard that he uses to avoid being recognized and a lock of curly hair behind that looks almost like terry from how they were made.

Our Video Review


The two statues as mentioned in the introduction are the second wave dedicated to the Wano saga, they too deserve to enter your One-themed collections Piece. If you want to start the collection of a new diorama, Chopper and Usopp are still easily found together with Luffy, otherwise having an alternate version in your collection doesn't hurt anyway.

Tony Tony Chopper (Chopaemon) and Usopp (Usohachi) ) are already available in stores at an indicative price of € 30.00 for Chopper and € 55.00 for Usopp, officially distributed in Italy by Cosmic Group.

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