Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War and Warzone: all the news of Season 2 and the interview with the developers

Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War and Warzone: all the news of Season 2 and the interview with the developers

Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War and Warzone

Here we are! The second season of Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has just begun and we are ready to tell you all the news that has arrived with this recent update. Just as happened with the start of Season 1, again the three main games in the series remain linked by a unique system of rewards, rewards and new content to come. So if you are playing Modern Warfare, Warzone or Black Ops Cold War, your progression will be recorded on each of these games and consequently also all the rewards provided by the new Battle Pass. At the launch of the recent Black Ops Cold War Activision had promised the arrival of numerous content in the year and a half following the launch. We certainly can't complain about what has happened in the last few weeks, because they are literally bombarding us with materials, new modes and constant in-game updates and balances. Now in the second season, let's see what changes and what's new in Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 2!

Operators and weapons

The classic addition present in every major update of Call Of Duty is the arrival of new operators and weapons. This time the main theme of the season is the jungle, in particular Vietnam, a scenario in which we moved with the original characters Woods and Adler in the Black Ops Cold War campaign. The main plot, if you can call it that, sees Woods and his trusted operators engaged in the search for Adler in the territories of Vietnam in the year 1972. Many contents of this Season 2 are therefore linked to this unique and particular setting, starting by the four new operators added for the occasion.

Black Ops Cold War: one of the Naga operators skins is the first of them, available already in the week of launch, while the other three will arrive only later during the season. Kapano "Naga" Vang is a former warlord who got rich by trafficking drugs and weapons in the infamous Golden Triangle. Short-tempered, brutal and feared by his men, he was the perfect candidate to be hired by Perseus. Samantha Maxis is the second operator, who will join the Requiem group after being rescued by the Omega Group at "Firebase Z". Then we have Terrell Wolf, a Vietnam expert and Woods' trusted soldier. Finally Karla Rivas, another indispensable member of Woods' team to survive in their mission in the jungle.

Black Ops Cold War: new operator "Naga" The new weapons are instead six in total, some of them very special , strongly linked to the main theme of Season 2, which we have already said is the jungle of Vietnam.

FARA 83: automatic assault rifle available at the beginning of the season with a good range and an unattainable bullet rate. LC10: automatic submachine gun also available at the beginning of the season capable of dominating close and medium range clashes, but thanks to its precision it does not look bad even from a distance. The fire damage is not high, but the high cadence and excellent accuracy make it truly lethal. Machete: blade of about 30cm forged in steel and tempered in order to reach maximum hardness, making it practically indestructible. It is widely used in tropical countries as a weapon and as an agricultural tool. A perfect melee weapon for stealth missions and hand-to-hand combat. Trench Shovel: Like the Machete and the following two, this weapon will also arrive during the season. A military-style triple-hinged shovel typically employed for excavating defensive fighting positions. R1 Shadowhunter: The simple and lightweight design of this crossbow allows high handling and silent eliminations. Operators who do not like the classic viewfinder can still shoot with precision at close range, or decide to combine it with a different scope. ZRG 20mm: Sniper rifle available during the second season to eliminate targets at very long range. Its specialty is to eliminate operators with a single shot to the head, chest or shoulders, but it suffers from a reduced rate of fire.

Black Ops Cold War: the LC10 submachine gun of Season 2

Zombie mode

Black Ops Cold War: the Epidemic mode Now let's move on to the new contents of Season 2 linked exclusively to the recent Black Ops Cold War . Zombie mode has been further expanded with the arrival of the "Epidemic" experience. Continuing the Dark Aether saga, Epidemic takes place in boundless locations along the Urals, chock-full of new enemies, team goals, player rewards, and information to discover on foot, in vehicles, via jump platforms. Whether it's hunting elite enemies using a satellite tracker, escorting a rover that can detect dimensional portals, or resisting zombies in a confined area of ​​Dark Aether, Requiem's ​​agents will have to complete these quests before they can leave or they will have to take the risk of entering a Dark Aether portal to a new region for even more rewards.

There is also a new Field Upgrade, designed to increase the level of strategy in Zombie Mode. It's called the "Frenzied Guard" and is perfect for operators who like to be the center of attention. When activated, all enemies will target the operator who is using Frenzied Guard for a short amount of time, during which time only the armor will take damage. This ability can turn the tide of the game when your companions are surrounded by hordes of the undead, drawing them to the player like a celestial armored savior. With the help of two new types of Aetherium Crystals, Refined and Pure, Requiem agents will be able to upgrade all Skills at level IV and V of both the "Frenzied Guard" upgrade and the others already present at launch. br>
Black Ops Cold War: Epidemic mode aboard vehicles Along with the field upgrades, not even a new weapon Mod could be missing. The Pack-a-Punch Machine and Elemental Drink will now include the Disruptive Blast Ammo Mod, which deals explosive damage to all bullets. Each bullet also has a chance to detonate for additional explosive damage and destroy armor struck. Designed to destroy heavy Zombies, this awesome mod features several explosive power-ups in the Skill menu.


Black Ops Cold War: The Apocalypse Map Black Ops Cold War content does not end there, as there are four new multiplayer maps to explore in the many game modes available. In particular, we can return to explore the beloved Apocalypse in 6v6 modes, which despite its small size manages to offer excellent scenarios for incredible firefights. Golova will also arrive during the season, which has all the air of being a quiet traditional Russian village embraced by a picturesque setting in the middle of the Urals, but under its surface hides a dark secret thanks to its creator, Nikita Dragovich. For the 2v2 and 3v3 modes, Villa will arrive, set in Cuba, specifically in Havana in the Villa Hefe: this small map takes place in both courtyards, the eastern one with two palm trees and a gazebo, and the western one with a statue on top of a fountain not in operation. Finally there will also be Miami Strike. Here, the battle takes place east of the Paramour Hotel, centering the fighting around Ocean Park, the Paramour, Sundowner and Evermor Hotels, and the Visitor Center.

New maps, new modes. Everyone's favorite party mode is here: the Weapon Game. Each operator must demonstrate their skill with all the weapons in the set. In total there are 20 weapons to be able to complete and win the game. At each kill our weapon will be automatically changed up to the last one with which we will mark the victory kill. Suffering a death in close combat or with a Finisher, we will return to the weapon used previously. Accumulation mode will also arrive during the season, which combines Confirmed Kill and Location, for a high-speed objective mode, and high kill rate. In Accumulation, Operators must eliminate enemies and collect dog tags. But unlike Confirmed Kill, these dog tags will not increase the team score until they are accumulated in the depot points that rotate across the map for the duration of the match. Finally, the new multi-team Location mode, set in the most large map of Black Ops Cold War. This fast-paced new Location mode features 10 teams of four people intent on capturing and defending various Locations across the map that rotate every 120 seconds. The first team to reach 500 total seconds of goal possession wins the game.

Black Ops Cold War: Multi-team multiplayer mode In the second season there are also new series of points such as Death Machine, a portable Minigun which fires highly damaging shots that can suppress enemies in the line of fire. New vehicles were then introduced, in particular the sedan car and the light truck. Finally, in addition to numerous bug fixes and balances, there are also many original challenges and other prestige levels, all to be discovered and completed during the entire duration of Season 2.


The Vodianoy ship that has been skirting the port of Verdansk in recent days has finally landed near the prison in the southeast of the map. Obviously the boat is accessible, but the real novelty are the zombies inside it. By killing this horde of undead you will receive a new yellow card, which will allow you to unlock the containers on the ship, full of rewards such as money, series of points and lots and lots of loot. Other points on the map in Verdansk have also changed, in fact three nuclear missiles have appeared in the three monuments on the map. Inside these launch stations you will find some classic cash to open, as well as a computer with a fixed percentage of 05%. We still don't know for sure what these missiles are for and what the percentage just mentioned represents. The community has already made several speculations about it and the most popular seems to be the one on the possible launch of the missiles on March 10, when the game will celebrate its first anniversary. The missiles will probably hit the zombies that will become more and more numerous and destroy the entire map, giving space to a new location for the Call Of Duty battle royale. The number of locations on the map is exactly 20 and currently only in one of them we find zombies (so their spread is exactly 5%). This remains only a speculation, so we invite you to follow our pages in the coming days, when more news and details will surely come out.

Warzone: the ship arriving in Verdansk Among the game modes on Rebith Island we find the frantic "Extreme Return". Just like in Classic Return, squad members can rejoin the match if their respawn countdown reaches zero and at least one of their allies is still alive. The difference is that this time there will be 90 players on the map, double what we were used to in Season 1. In a few weeks, the Extraction mode will also debut. It would also be time for the extraction helicopter to arrive before the circle collapses completely. During battle royale Extraction, a portable radio turns on buzzing, going online somewhere in Verdansk. The Operator (or the team, in non-solo modes) who gets their hands on this radio and maintains possession for a sufficient amount of time will win the game. To make sure things aren't too easy, the player in possession of the radiò will be marked on the tactical map as having entered into a Wanted contract (also known as a priority target), and all operators will be made aware of the remaining time needed to victory of the radio owner. In addition to this new victory condition, the normal battle royale rules will apply. Of course, if no one manages to earn the coveted radio draw, the circle will collapse, and the winner will be the last Operator or squad alive.

Zombie Mode Developer Interview

While we waited to get our hands on Season 2, we exclusively exchanged a few jokes with the team working on Zombie mode, thanks to a lot of new features within this content injection.

What a goal you are are you given when you started developing epidemic?

We wanted to give new breath to the classic idea of ​​zombies in Call of Duty, especially thanks to the introduction of an open map, different from the usual. Our goal was also to create an experience more suitable for all players: you are "thrown" on the map and you can move as you want with great freedom, it is different from the usual gameplay of the Zombie mode that foresees the enemies always and constantly coming towards you . The pace here can be decided by the user who has the choice of going straight to the objectives to complete them, or looking around, driving the vehicles, exploring the map and so on.

Difficulty level management too it's different. Usually it goes up every round, while here the jump is bigger but it only happens when you change region. So at the change of region it will be as if you went from the classic round 1 to 8, then when you change again from 9 to 15 and so on. But within the same region the difficulty doesn't change all the time.

What was the main challenge during the development of Epidemic?

One of the reasons for the success of Zombie within Call of Duty was the mix that is created between the feeling of claustrophobia and the fast pace, a result not easy to obtain within an open map world. The use of new tools, such as vehicles and sniper rifles, coupled with careful construction of objectives, which often lead to having to pay close attention and require coordination, has allowed us to take the best of the Zombie experience and bring it even in this new situation. More cautious users will be able to take it slower, explore and prepare, while those in search of strong emotions will want to complete one goal after another.

Will you change your approach to storytelling?

We will keep the presence of the audio logs, our users have always liked them very much. Through what we have found around we will continue to tell a story that so far has been very popular with players, we will build on what has been done previously. There will be a whole host of non-player characters within the map, too, which we will use to add an extra layer of depth to the narrative. In Season 2 we are experimenting but from the next one we can expect even more depth, advanced interactions, a main quest proper and much more.

How hard is it to balance an open world zombie experience?

It's not easy. As we said, the objectives help us a lot in this sense because, once activated, they force users to come together, collaborate and go to certain areas. They are also essential for managing the appearance and management of enemies. We have also added new types of opponents, for example the Tempest can teleport and thanks to an EMP hit it knocks out vehicles.

Have you thought about bringing the zombies to Warzone too?

We cannot comment on this at the moment.

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