GTA 5 Online: New vehicle, earn lots of money quickly & deals - this is new

GTA 5 Online: New vehicle, earn lots of money quickly & deals - this is new

GTA 5 Online

Rockstar Games is giving an info update on the new activities and deals at GTA 5 Online this week. One of the highlights is a new vehicle: the armed Nagasaki dinghy is now available from Warstock Cache & Carry. Also, don't forget to pick up the Dinka Verus from Warstock Cache & Carry, which is free until March 3rd. If you don't have enough change for the new vehicle, you can quickly earn a lot of money on selected missions in GTA 5 Online. You currently receive double payment for special freight sales, among other things. You can also earn double GTA dollars and RP for stunt races, Simeon missions, DJ missions and sumo.

Also stop by the Diamond Casino bar to pick up free drinks. Furthermore, all parties that you throw in the penthouse do not end up on your bill. Also spin the wheel of fortune for a chance to win the Vapid FMJ as the grand prize. In addition, you can activate free glow stick goggles in GTA 5 Online (buy now € 149.99). To do this, successfully complete an import / export sales mission via your special vehicle warehouse in order to receive the blue-magenta glow stick glasses. Log in again after March 8th to collect your reward.

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GTA 5 Online: Free vehicle, quick money & other gifts - this is new

Rockstar Games is giving an update on the new features of GTA 5 Online this week. That awaits you. PC XSX PS5 PS4 XBO X360 PS3 0

GTA 5: Update on the versions for PS5 & Xbox Series X, new information coming

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GTA Online: Triple Rewards in Valentine's Day Game Modes

GTA Online players can look forward to triple rewards in selected Valentine's Day game modes this week. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1367691,1367232,1366952,1366754'; In addition, there are also individual deals with GTA 5 Online this week. You can secure a discount of 60 percent for executive offices, 50 percent for special freight warehouses and 50 percent for garages. In the case of vehicles, the Grotti Furia, Progen GP1 and Truffade Adder, among others, have been reduced in price. Prime Gaming members will continue to receive $ 200,000 GTA when they log into the game this week.

5 reasons why players should try playing GTA Online missions and heists with friends or crews

Braving it alone is just as viable in GTA Online as some players often work better by themselves and without the help of others in the game. However, GTA Online can be an extremely hostile place, in Freemode or otherwise, and it doesn't hurt to have a few friends around to have one's back.

While completing heists with a full crew will increase the number of splits, it will make for a much easier time getting through the heist in the first place.

Therefore, for players just starting out in the game, playing with a crew or friends isn't a bad option. In fact, they would be much better off playing that way.

Apart from the obvious gameplay benefits, there are many other reasons as to why having allies around in GTA Online is an extremely positive prospect.

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#1 - Bonus RP

In most heists and missions, players will receive a Crew Bonus as well as a Friend Bonus when playing GTA Online.

Essentially, players will receive an extra 20% bump in their payout when playing with a friend and an additional 10% if playing with a crew.

Making a crew is pretty straightforward in GTA Online, and one only needs to head to Rockstar Social Club to make their own crew and assign ranks. After which, the player will have their crew tag next to their name and receive bonus RP for completing missions and heists.

#2 - Easier communication

Trying to tell randoms exactly what one needs to be doing in a mission or a heist can be quite frustrating. As GTA Online incentivizes speed above anything else, quickly moving through the level is of the utmost importance.

Players can still communicate when playing with a crew or friends using their microphones or even emotes. However, telling a random that they need to stop shooting and get in the car can be a little tough.

In any online multiplayer, communication is key, and having friends and a crew around in GTA Online is the best way to coordinate and complete heists.

#3 - No hassle of matchmaking


One of the biggest issues with GTA Online is the absolutely massive load screens, which seemingly take an eternity.

On top of that, the matchmaking can be dreadfully slow as well, mostly due to everyone in the session being fixated on some other kind of job or mission in GTA Online.

The fastest way to start the game and jump into a mission or heist is to play with friends so that no time is wasted waiting for matchmaking and hoping for someone to join.

Skipping the arduous process of matchmaking is just about one of the most valuable benefits of playing with a crew.

#4 - Crew sessions

If one ever feels GTA Online has, more or less, become a griefer-land and there is no joy to be had in either Freemode or missions, starting a Crew-Only session is perhaps the best thing for them.

A Crew-Only session allows players to stretch their limbs in Freemode without running the risk of being bombarded by a griefer.

GTA Online is an extremely unforgiving place, and griefers can often suck the joy out of the game's core quality.

#5 - Smaller payout, easier repeat playthroughs


While GTA Online players have found ways to communicate successfully with randoms, bringing them back for a repeat playthrough of a heist or mission can be a bit tough.

With friends and a crew, players can simply keep grinding a set of missions and heists on repeat and successfully extract as much money possible.

While the payout will be split among more players, one would have a much higher chance of coming away with any sort of payout at all with a crew or friends.

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Published 25 Feb 2021, 12:23 IST

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