Anno 1800: Does the Speicherstadt DLC have too little content?

Anno 1800: Does the Speicherstadt DLC have too little content?

Anno 1800

The release of Anno 1800 is now almost two years ago and according to the original plans, the developers at Ubisoft Mainz wanted to devote themselves to other projects. At least it was planned during the work on Season 2 that Land of Lions would be the last DLC for the construction game. Maybe there should be a package with cosmetic items afterwards, but then work on Anno 1800 should also be finally stopped. However, everything in life often turns out differently than you think. The build-up game remained very successful in the course of the second season. I don't need any figures from Ubisoft for this, I just need to look at our article statistics. Everything that has to do with Anno 1800 has met with great interest from readers to this day.

So it is hardly surprising that the developers launched a third season with three new DLC packages at the end of last year have announced. However, the question arose as to how the player should still be kept in line in the third year. With the announcement it was already made clear that this time the focus would be on the old world and no new areas would be introduced. When the three DLCs were presented in detail a few weeks ago, a certain amount of skepticism remained, even if concepts such as tourism and the construction of skyscrapers sound very exciting. But especially the Speicherstadt DLC, which was released this week, looked a little poor. Now that I've played the DLC, that impression hasn't really been weakened. Anno 1800: Speicherstadt column. (3) Source: PC Games

What can the Speicherstadt do?

Now, of course, you have to note that the Land of Lions, the largest expansion to date for Anno 1800 (buy now € 32.23 / € 26.99), was released just five months ago. It would be unrealistic to expect it to continue steadily at this level. But when a new DLC comes out, it has to withstand the question of whether it offers me enough content to get me back to the game. So what exactly does Speicherstadt have to offer in Anno 1800: Speicherstadt column. (4) Source: PC Games actually? Basically, the DLC is all about a series of new buildings that can be used for a new kind of port design. The developers were inspired by Hamburg's Speicherstadt, the largest historical warehouse complex in the world, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Similar to the zoo and museum, a main building is being built from which all other port facilities will be built be built. Repair cranes, harbor master offices, loading stations and depots can be built in close construction. Together with a good two dozen matching ornaments, you can build a really handsome harbor district in your own city in this way. In addition to the usual port functions, the Speicherstadt also brings new trading mechanics with it - import / export. Although it was previously possible to sell or buy goods for gold, the new system now allows goods to be exchanged directly. If we say I produce too much wood, then I approve it for export and have soap brought to my craftsmen for it. There is always a conversion key based on the difficulty of manufacturing a particular product. The longer I do a certain trade, the more advantageous the exchange rate can develop.

Is it worth it for me?

Has that changed the game for me permanently? Hardly likely. I might spend an afternoon or two designing a chic warehouse district. Well, incorrigible Schönbauer can probably sink countless hours of play into designing the perfect harbor. But for me it's mostly about functionality. For me, the import-export system is nothing more than a supplement. I usually produce the goods I need myself and the surplus is sold for gold so that the state budget doesn't collapse. The direct exchange is only suitable for short-term bottleneck adjustments or the like. Especially since the dealer responsible for this moored far too seldom at the Speicherstadt.

Would the Speicherstadt DLC have tempted me to play Anno 1800 again if I hadn't dealt with it professionally? Probably not. It takes a little more than that. But I can also understand that many fans who are permanently or at least regularly in the game welcome the little refreshment. I don't even want to write off the fact that there are good ideas in the DLC. The seven euros would probably not have been worth it to me now. Not the 20 Euro Season Pass anyway, without knowing exactly how the other two DLC packages are designed in terms of content. But maybe the rest of the season can still surprise me positively. Before Ubisoft thinks about a possible season 4, you should perhaps consider whether it is time for a new game.

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