Diablo 2: a second expansion was planned, then canceled

Diablo 2: a second expansion was planned, then canceled

Diablo 2

In addition to Lord of Destruction, Diablo 2 was supposed to have a second expansion, but it never made it past the pre-production stage and was canceled. The detail emerged a few days after the new BlizzCon and comes from a more than reliable source, the creator of Diablo, David Brevik.

Brevik explained that at the time he had drafted a multi-page design document with new classes, new areas, new mechanics and a draft of the story, but that the project didn't move from there.

The reasons why nothing has been done are different: Brevik would have left the studio in a few months and in the meantime there was work in progress for patch 1.10, for Diablo 3 (a version never arrived on the market) and for another unannounced project.

A fan then asked him about his version of Diablo 3 and Brevik explained that it would be different from the other Diablo: "I think it was really interesting. used much of the Marvel Heroes framework. It was an ARG / MMO. MMO in the sense that it was playable by multiple people at the same time, not like WoW. The project was canceled because most of Blizzard North went away. "

Someone pointed out that Diablo 4 looks like a mix between ARPG and MMO and it has q then asked if it is similar to what he had done. Brevik responded with a meme:

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