Windows 10 Sun Valley: The floating Start menu

Windows 10 Sun Valley: The floating Start menu

Windows 10 Sun Valley

As is now well known, 2021 will be a year of important news for Windows 10: in addition to the arrival of the 10X edition, the debut of Sun Valley is expected, a code name chosen by the Redmond group to indicate the restyling of the interface along the lines guide of Fluent Design and WinUI language. Today it is possible to take a sneak peek at what a key component of the operating system might look like: the Start menu.

Sun Valley: so will the new Windows 10 Start menu

As you can see below it will be floating, detached from the taskbar and characterized by rounded corners as anticipated by a rumor from last summer. The image that we attach below is to be considered a mockup made on the basis of the information leaked so far by the always well-informed editorial staff of the Windows Latest site (link at the end of the article).

Anyway nothing revolutionary or such as to talk about a cut with the past. In the Microsoft offices there is awareness of how the urgencies related to Windows 10 are very different: first of all, intervene on the stability front, avoiding that the regular release of updates brings with it bugs and problems again as reported several times even in the last period .

Someone believes that the debut of Windows 10X will constitute a risk factor on this front, forcing the software house to work simultaneously and in parallel on two different platforms. Recall that the latter will be intended at least initially for laptops, thus constituting a sort of competitor for Google's Chrome OS, despite the announcement in October 2019 explicitly talking about a product intended for dual screen devices and with foldable display.

Source: Windows Latest

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