Microsoft xCloud also works in Edge and Chrome

Microsoft xCloud also works in Edge and Chrome

The cloud gaming service arrives on PC. Access to Microsoft xCloud (now simply known as Cloud Play) is also available via a browser, but currently only for employees of the Redmond company. The public beta is scheduled to launch in the spring. The web version also allows you to bring the service to iOS and iPadOS.

Game via the cloud with Edge and Chrome

Microsoft xCloud is available in Italy from 15 September 2020. To access the service, you need an Android device and an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Users don't have to download games, as they are streamed to Microsoft's servers. The Redmond company has stopped development of the iOS version due to restrictions imposed by Apple.

For this reason, the development of an alternative solution has been started, namely access via browser. Tests currently underway include the use of Edge and Chrome, but support for other browsers could be added later. The web version shows a launcher with the latest games and allows you to restore the interrupted session. There are also various titles divided into categories.

Each game starts in full screen. The maximum resolution (perhaps full HD) is not known, but support for 4K resolution will only be added after the infrastructure is upgraded with Xbox Series X hardware (current servers are based on Xbox One S hardware). Microsoft has also planned to combine the web version of xCloud with the Xbox app for Windows 10.

As mentioned, access via browser allows you to bring the service to iOS and iPadOS as well. Apple prevents the native app from being distributed because it wants to control every single game (which must be published on the App Store).

Source: The Verge

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