Jaguar i Pace: electric and elegant, silent British style

Jaguar i Pace: electric and elegant, silent British style

Jaguar i Pace

The first Full Electric of Jaguar sees, in its 2021 version, an external restyling that takes the form of small details, such as the finish of the front grille and the rear-view mirrors. The update of the battery pack charging system is stronger, which allows you to speed up charging, both at home and with the columns, accepting a higher power. And a few more kilometers of autonomy (about twenty, those declared) thanks to the software update that makes delivery more efficient. These, together with a new infotainment system, are the main innovations of i-Pace, which reconfirms itself as a pleasant SUV to drive and with large interior spaces. These small improvements do not upset the concept, which brings with it many advantages, but also some limitations that do not make i-Pace the ideal choice for everyone. The list of Jaguar i Pace starts at a price of 82,460 euros.

There isn't much to say about the i-Pace's driving experience, which combines Jaguar quality in the interior and seat, both on the front and rear seats. The environment is refined and technological, the quality can be seen at a glance, even in the details. Some solutions could have been organized differently: the driving mode selection system, left to four distinct buttons (N, D, P and R) positioned where we usually find the gear selector, is convenient when you only need to put in "drive" and press the accelerator, while it becomes slow to maneuver. The size of the car and the turning radius, which is not particularly small, leads on many occasions to one more maneuver than necessary, and the constant pressing of keys on the center console is not comfortable. Sure, a matter of habit, but it could have been done better.

Jaguar has also placed the driving mode selector in this area, as well as the suspension / terrain height control. In this case, we have no notes to make, except to mention that the -Pace is an all-wheel drive SUV, therefore safe and reliable on the road and equally valid away from the asphalt. However, this is not a true off-road vehicle, the adventure belongs to other models, just look in the list of the Jaguar Land Rover group.

The output of the two electric motors has a system power equivalent to 400 horsepower and a maximum torque of 696 Nm. The acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h is covered in 4.8 seconds, a remarkable value considering the weight of 2200 Kg. In addition to the acceleration from standstill, the starting point at all speeds is noteworthy, which allows you to make instant overtaking in safety, thanks to the brilliance of the electric motor, which instantly delivers the engine torque. The only drawback concerns the delivery, which takes about half a second between the pressure of the accelerator and the movement of the car.

Driver assistance systems, such as cruise control with automatic speed adjustment and distance from the car in front, once activated correctly, work well. There are no jerks in driving, no hard braking. The ergonomics of use are however limited: looking at the controls, arranged on the steering wheel, it is not absolutely clear how to set and adjust the various parameters. You need to practice before you can master a command organization that is not too intuitive. Jaguar could improve the ergonomics of use of the electronic systems on board, and the same goes for the infotainment system (later), certainly updated but with still a lot of room for improvement. The top speed selector is also practically invisible in the digital instrument cluster, and represented by a tiny triangle indicating the selected speed. At cruising speed, the calibration of the ADAS is very good and you are satisfied with the quality of life on board. The seats are very comfortable: upholstered in soft leather, they welcome both the driver and passengers, front and rear, as in lounge chairs.

A 90 kWh battery pack for an average range of 300 km is unfortunately not a good result. Jaguar indicates a maximum range of 470 km, a figure that can only be approached in perfect conditions, that is, with an urban cycle, low accelerations (with ECO profile) and low speeds. In short, circumstances not always replicable in everyday life. However, we appreciate Jaguar's transparency in offering, on its website, a page where you can change options such as the driving profile, the outside temperature, the use or not of air conditioning and the size of the tires. , in response, a forecast of maximum autonomy.

If we were to make a calculation with the conditions in which we carried out a test, then external temperatures that in these weeks range from -5 to +5 ° C (late January-early February), use of heating and a combined cycle, we get a maximum autonomy of about 250 km. Use on the motorway, therefore at high speeds, further limits the range (220 km). Apart from the configurator, using the car in a combined cycle it was possible to obtain a range of about 300 km. These numbers will probably represent the main limitation in those who want to buy i-Pace, as it limits its use for potential trips. However, mileage grinders will be able to take advantage of the support for direct current charging, which Jaguar i Pace supports up to a maximum of 100 kW.

Jaguar updates the i Pace infotelematics system: the dashboard is entirely digital on a 12.3 ”screen, the instrumentation has captivating, pleasant and always legible graphics. A double support, 10 "and 5", is arranged in the center of the dashboard and allows you to use the on-board entertainment. The larger monitor is practical but deserves additions that improve the appearance of the menus and make navigation smoother and more effective. Perhaps more modern software. The second is very scenographic: placed on an almost “suspended” bridge, it allows the control of the air conditioning and, fortunately, the physical buttons for adjusting the temperature and ventilation speed have been kept. Better this way: digital support alone could have distracted the driver from driving.

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