Everything you need to know about the new Discovery + streaming

Everything you need to know about the new Discovery + streaming

Dating and cooking shows, naturalistic documentaries, true crime, lots of sport (including the Olympics) and as many Italian productions like the one dedicated to Elettra Lamborghini. Tomorrow, January 6, the platform specialized in real life entertainment debuts

Two days later than the world launch, from tomorrow January 6 Discovery +, the new streaming service that takes the place of Dplay and welcomes us, is also available in Italy in its catalog, the productions of the channels of the Discovery group and beyond, focusing on numerous original titles designed exclusively for the web. The distinctive feature compared to the many competitors: the focus on documentaries, docuseries and factual and unscripted programs, that is, everything that is not fiction series or film.

1. What is it

Discovery + is, in fact, the global platform launched by the Discovery group, that is the network that hosts the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Discovery Science, Food Network brands and numerous Italian entertainment channels such as Real Time, Nove, Dmax, Giallo , the sport of Eurosport and MotorTrend, other international realities such as History, A&E and Lifetime. The new streaming therefore brings together all the programs of these networks: lifestyle broadcasts, true crime, naturalistic documentaries, adventure shows and, indeed, sport. A very clear distinction, therefore, with other competitors such as Netflix and Disney + who focus their strength above all on series and cinema. In addition, the Eurosport brand guarantees a large dose of sporting events, starting from the Olympics until 2024, but also tennis with the Grand Slam and the Australian Open, cycling with the three big tours and the Classics, and again the winter sports, basketball, golf, motorsport and wrestling of the Wwe in full version simultaneously with the USA.

2. The catalog

The most popular cooking and dating shows, the most prestigious nature documentaries in the world (including those from Bbc Planet Earth), adventure and survival programs, docuseries on the crimes that actually happened. Again: beauty, home and design advice, current affairs inquiries and broadcasts on space, history and science: the Discovery + catalog is wide and varied, covering all tastes of so-called real life entertainment. Highlights at launch include the popular Falling in Love in the Dark show 90 Days to Fall in Love, with its countless spin-offs; Queen of Meth, the true story of Lori Arnold, a methamphetamine trafficker who became a millionaire; The Onision about controversial youtuber Greg Jackson; in The Impossible Row, then, the athlete Colin O’Brady - with his team - attempts to make the first human ocean crossing of the Drake Channel in South America. Maradona: Death of a Champion is also available from January 6th, an exclusive documentary that tells the truth behind the death of the Pibe de oro, exploring the addictions that accompanied him throughout his life and the mysteries related to his death last November .

3. Made in Italy productions

The strength of Discovery + lies in combining its worldwide firepower with careful localization skills in each market. So many original productions arrive in Italy designed specifically for our local public: the new season of the audience champion Marriage at first sight Italy; for the first time in our country Love Island, the dating show set on a fascinating tropical island; Naked Attraction Italia, the made in Italy version of the irreverent British show in which a single person has to choose a partner from six completely naked strangers, whose bodies are slowly revealed, with their faces left for last. Ti Spedisco in Convento is also on the program, a social experiment in which five adolescents have to leave social and social life to spend a period in a monastery with the (real) nuns.

4. Elettra Lamborghini

Among the leading titles of Discovery + productions in Italy there is Elettra and the rest disappears, the docuseries on Elettra Lamborghini, one of the social, television and musical phenomena of our time. The 10 episodes reveal the behind the scenes of the last year of her life, in particular the preparation of the wedding with the Dutch DJ Afrojack, celebrated last September 26 on Lake Como. Loved by adults and children, Elettra Lamborghini is an exuberant and excessive character, but in this production we discover her most hidden and private sides of her, those that she is usually not used to showing in the populated social channels. From housework to the passion for horses, passing through the new line of clothing and wedding preparations, lovers of the genre would like to thank.

5. Prices

Discovery + is a service launched at global level in 25 countries which replaces, in the markets where it is present (such as Italy), the already existing DPlay, from which it also inherits the subscribers of the paid option called DPlay Plus. The prices remain similar, with a cost of € 3.99 per month or € 39.90 per year (in this case the first seven days of trial are free). For those who want to activate Eurosport with its load of sporting events, the price is 7.99 euros per month or 69.90 euros per year. On Discovery + it is however possible to follow the live streaming of Real Time, Nove… and a wide selection of programs for free, without the need to subscribe (because there are commercials and advertising).

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