The first musical “made in TikTok” grossed more than $ 1 million on its debut

The first musical “made in TikTok” grossed more than $ 1 million on its debut

The Ratatouille musical created thanks to TikTok debuted on Broadway on New Year's Eve, and was a success. Soon there will be the live streaming replica

(photo: Ratatousical) The musical inspired by the Pixar film Ratatouille created thanks to TikTok debuted online in the night between 1 and 2 January and, with the sale of its tickets, raised over $ 1 million. The entire amount raised will benefit the Actors Fund, a fund created to support workers and artists in the entertainment world who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

You did it! You raised over $ 1 million to benefit @TheActorsFund! But we aren't done yet. Tickets are still on sale all weekend long on @TodayTix.

- Ratatouille Musical (@ratatousical) January 2, 2021

The Broadway debut of musical, which went live on New Year's Eve, will still be available for a few hours on the TodayTix online platform. The show, given the success, will be replicated live on the same platform today at 5 pm in the time zone of the east coast (11 pm here in Italy). To access the live broadcast, you will need to purchase a virtual ticket. Again, the money raised will benefit the Actors Fund.

The show - created by the collaboration between tiktoker - is a succession of actors singing their songs in front of a digital background, because the pandemic has forced the cast to perform an online performance, setting aside the glitz and glamor of a Broadway production. The Rat's Way of Life and the Ratatouille Tango created by TikToker Blake Rouse are part of the show, along with Anyone Can Cook and the song that started it all, Remy the Ratatouille. There is even a corps de ballet which, thanks to photographic filters, manages to seem numerous despite the dancers being only 2.

The actors who have put themselves in the game to interpret rats and chefs, including Titus Burgess from the TV series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Adam Lambert who walked the stages alongside Queen and Wayne Brady who starred in the record-breaking musical Hamilton, manage to transport the viewer into the fantastic Disney culinary story.

Holy. Shit. That was fantastic.

- Andrew Barth Feldman (@andrewbfeldman) January 2, 2021

It can be said that Ratatouille is the first musical built entirely on the internet: in fact, thank you to a series of creators and through the duets of TikTok his music, song lyrics, poster, choreography and scenography were born which, given the success, once the theaters are reopened we will most likely see realized on a real stage of Broadway.

"One last thing." #RatatouilleMusical

- Ratatouille Musical (@ratatousical) January 2, 2021

The creators of TikTok with their creativity have made possible one show that even managed to get the blessing of Disney.

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