Asterix - Italian release date of the 39th volume

Asterix - Italian release date of the 39th volume
Panini Comics announces the Italian release date of the highly anticipated 39th Volume of the adventures of Asterix, still untitled, which will arrive on the shelves of comics and bookstores on October 28, 2021, just one week after the release in France announced yesterday by same authors Jean-Yves Ferri and Didier Conrad.

Asterix - the first details of the 39th volume

The 39th Volume of Asterix is ​​the fifth signed by the lucky couple formed by the aforementioned Jean-Yves Ferri and Didier Conrad who took the reins of the series since 2013 with the Asterix and Pitti register of 2013 followed by Asterix and the Papyrus of Caesar in 2015, Asterix and the Corsa d'Italia in 2017 and Asterix and the Daughter of Vercingetorix in 2019.

As usual, maximum confidentiality both on the title and on the plot of the volume, however the two authors, as a sort of teaser, have granted a preview table:

While the two friends challenge to the game of Gallic chess, the druid Panoramix, who has fallen asleep slightly, wakes up with a start screaming: C * $ & *?!? & $! Who could have disturbed his sleep in this way and why did a sense of urgency assail him that drives him to rush to the rescue of the mysterious character? So here are the two biggest puzzles of this early 2021: where will our rooster friends go? And above all… WHO WILL THAT Cbiiiiiiipe EVER BE? In our humble opinion, everything seems to indicate that this is Cohnonsipuòdire!

As foreseen by the tradition of alternation, and as confirmed by the druid, for their thirty-ninth adventure, Asterix accompanied by the trusty Obelix are preparing to go on a journey.

Asterix, the series

Asterix was created by René Goscinny (texts) and Albert Uderzo (drawings) and debuted in 1959 in the famous magazine Pilote. The 38-volume series has sold over 385 million

of books and has been translated into 111 languages ​​and dialects, confirming itself as one of the greatest successes of the world comic book publishing.

The first strip was published when the memory of invasion of the Nazis, being published a few months after the election of Charles de Gaulle as President of the Republic. The tenacious opposition of the Gallic village to the Roman invader could easily recall the resistance of a part of the French to the German occupation.

Set in ancient Gaul at the time of Julius Caesar, around 50 BC, it has as protagonists the Gallic warrior Asterix, his best friend Obelix and all the other inhabitants of a small Gallic village in Armorica (today's Brittany) who insists on resisting the Roman conquest thanks to the help of a magic potion prepared by the druid Panoramix, in able to make invincible. Surrounded by the Roman camps of Babaorum, Aquarium, Petibonum and Laudanum, the small Gallic village remains the only piece of Gaul free from Roman rule. Initially Asterix was supposed to be the only main character in the story but Uderzo insisted that he have a shoulder. He was joined by Obelix, a fat, placid and jovial character who does not yet wear a menhir but an ax. During the first adventure he has a side role, limiting himself to waiting for the return of the protagonist, but Goscinny will recover him in the following adventures by redistributing the roles: Astérix becomes an all-round hero, limited only by the physique while the Franco-Gallic defects go to relapse on his partner Obélix, who is sensitive, irascible and greedy. The village is located in Armorica, the ancient name of Brittany and for some chosen as a symbol of peasant stubbornness and hostility opposed to centralism in Paris (in fact, the Bretons have long been asking for greater autonomy), but Goscinny later stated that for him every place was fine and Uderzo chose Brittany, since he remembered well its landscapes. The village is surrounded by the Roman encampments mentioned above, which often causes clashes between the two peoples to arise; as in Lucky Luke, however, the battles are bloodless and apart from a few black eyes and a few broken arms, nothing irreparable happens.

Asterix in Italy

In Italy the first appearance of Asterix was on Asterlinus, special supplement of the Linus magazine of April 1967 and containing the Italian translation of the Asterix story and the Britons. Other stories of the series were then published in installments again on Linus and in the magazine Il Mago.

Arnoldo Mondadori Editore then acquired the publishing rights by publishing the stories of the character in its own series starting from 1968 which took up the titles of the French series and of which he published all 36 volumes without a fixed periodicity until 2013. The individual stories also appeared in magazines such as Il Giornalino, Linus, Il Messaggero dei Ragazzi and in the Oscar Mondadori series. Then Panini Comics took over from Mondadori. The main Italian translators of the series were Marcello Marchesi, Luciana Marconcini and Alba Avesini.

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