The return of the Lada Niva, the iconic Russian 4 × 4

The return of the Lada Niva, the iconic Russian 4 × 4

The spiritual heir of the legendary three-door off-road vehicle produced since the late 1970s is called Travel

Lada Niva-Travel The legendary Lada Niva, 4 × 4 produced by the Russian car manufacturer Avtovaz Lada in the Togliatti plants (Russia) since 5 April 1977, it has been particularly appreciated due to its robustness, so much so that currently, several years after its release, 650 thousand are still in circulation. After so many years that "mythical" car finally has a worthy heir: the Lada Niva Travel.

In reality it is not a completely new model since it is based on the technical design of the '98 Chevrolet Niva, taken over in 2020 by GM and then updated over the years by the same Russian company that had renamed the model as Lada Niva II (originally GM and Avtovaz Lada had a joint venture, which was then dissolved).

The new Lada Niva Travel, 405 cm long, therefore replaces the latter. The stylists have worked hard to give the car a more modern look, and indeed the new model of the Russian house in the forms is much more reminiscent of an SUV / crossover rather than an off-road vehicle.

The thin headlights and taillights , which extend vertically, are led, while the fenders and bumpers have a geometric design. Very particular is the large hexagonal front grille, which in shape recalls that present on the Toyota RAV4.

There will be two set-ups proposed: city and off-road. The first (visible in the photo above) has a more city look with mudguards in the same color as the body. The second (pictured above) is instead devoted to the most extreme off-road vehicle, thanks to the raw plastic protections that we find on the front bumper and rear fascia, and to the side snorkel (from the English "mouthpiece", is the air intake of the high engine to overcome fords), as well as specific off-road tires. Obviously there is no lack of permanent 4 × 4 all-wheel drive on both.

To push Niva Travel we find the 1.7 liters with 80 horses and 125Nm of torque derived from GM (it is the updated version of the one used for the first time in the Chevy Niva in 1999), paired with a five-speed manual gearbox. Production has already started and the arrival on the Russian market is expected in the coming months.

No details on the price have been released, but surely, knowing the Russian company's previous history, it will be rather aggressive. >

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