Justice League Snyder Cut - the official release date

Justice League Snyder Cut - the official release date
Justice League Snyder Cut finally has an official release date. It was director Zack Snyder himself who revealed it via a post on his official twitter account a few minutes ago!

The film will be released in the United States, on the HBO Max platform, on March 18, 2021. No news regarding the release date and the Italian release methods.

The countdown officially begins, obviously waiting for news for the Italian release!

Waiting for Justice League Snyder Cut

Justice League should ideally have closed the first phase of the DCEU that started already under the criticism of Man of Steel and then exploded with that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in which the pressure was evident dictated by the race to standardize DC films to those of the competition whose project was diametrically opposed to that conceived by the director.

Justice League was one of the most controversial cine-comics, not to mention one of the films, of the last 20 years so much so that its realization one could be compared to one of the great masterpieces of American cinema or Gone with the Wind this because the two films were united by a troubled production that, between unhappy actors and additional shots costing millions of dollars, culminated with the removal of Zack Snyder from the direction, which occurred in conjunction with a very serious family mourning, and the arrival of Joss Whedon who, in an attempt to repeat the success of Avengers, completed an immature film that was able to hardly reach its purpose or close the Snyder era.

With the sunset of the DCEU and the birth of the Worlds of DC, however, the fan base of Zack Snyder has always remained very vocal, recording in its ranks also the protagonists of the film but also unsuspected professionals from the world of cinema and comics that evidently perceived the need to give the director a chance first of all from an artistic point of view to show his work as originally conceived.

Justice League Snyder Cut should arrive in March 2021, date yet to be officially confirmed, and Zack Snyder proceeds swiftly in his work of "restoration" of his film, work that also goes through the soundtrack.

Last November 17th, Zack Snyder released a new trailer for Justice League Snyder Cut.

Here it is:

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