Collector's Editions are the last bastion of the physical market

Collector's Editions are the last bastion of the physical market
The digital format is also the future in the video game industry. Like it or not, the reality of the facts is this and the sales figures of the last few years, with the growing number of subscribers to services such as Game Pass and PS Now, only corroborate this statement. It may not be next year or this generation, but sooner or later the predominant means of distribution will be only one, as has already happened in the last two decades in other contexts, such as music.

This does not mean clearly, that the physical format is destined to disappear, it will simply be destined for a smaller slice of users, as indeed happens today for CDs or vinyls. In the case of video games, however, much more than in other sectors, there is one aspect that must be taken into account: the weight of the merchandise. Whether you prefer the digital format or stick to tangible products, almost all players' eyes still shine when a collector's edition of a title that is targeted with particular interest is presented.

A day today, regardless of the circulation, very few are the Collector's Editions that remain unsold for too long, and simply by looking at the number of editions proposed, one can easily understand how this last bastion of the physical format will hardly perish.

The Game Pass, with its growing number of subscribers, is the best example of how the market is moving towards a digital use of the product. Let's take into consideration only 2020 with all the wonderful editions that have been sold or even just announced for the coming year. Let's start with the most recent, that of Cyberpunk 2077, a title that lately, for better or for worse, is on everyone's lips. Its collector's edition sold out in no time, in 2019, when pre-orders opened, and if there is one certainty, it is that this long wait was definitely worth it.

This edition, in addition to the game, included a statue of modest size and with a considerable level of detail, a gigantic artbook that traces the Night City in every detail, the inevitable steelbook, side gadgets such as pins , stickers and key rings, and a PVC sheet with the signatures of all the developers who worked on what is easily one of the most controversial titles of this year. This is exactly what a deluxe edition should offer.

With Cyberpunk 2077 the success of the branded Xbox One X is also noteworthy, which despite the inexplicable choice to market that and not rather a Series X, it soon sold out and many people were willing to buy it second-hand and at higher prices. Considering the imminent retirement of the same, this case has even more value.

The Collector's Edition of Cyberpunk 2077 is among the richest in recent years. The Last of Us Part 2, with its two versions of the collector's edition, certainly was no different. The contents were broadly the same, with a giant statue of Ellie holding her guitar in her arms, a more content artbook, steelbook and all those usual side gadgets. If the simple collector was already a very valid edition in itself, the Ellie Edition is the real goal for all fans of the saga, which in addition to all the contents described above also includes a backpack. Suffice it to look at the value now achieved by the Collector of the first The Last of Us, which at the release of the second chapter exceeded € 1000, to understand how much this product could generate interest.

In the footsteps of the Vanguard Edition of Titanfall 2 and the Collector's Edition of Fallout 76, Doom Eternal hit the market with its collector's edition that made the Doom Slayer's wearable helmet its highlight. Even the pre-orders of this one lasted very little and the beauty of the helmet alone is a more than valid reason. A peculiarity of this edition was also the presence of the soundstrack in tape form, a format that has been dead for decades. The success of this edition spurred the creation of a second collector's item, namely the replica of the original Doom Guy helmet, which is still available for pre-order in Bethesda stores and will be released next year. In the specific case of Doom, a second article also met with considerable success: the artbook. This was produced in a limited edition, with alternative cover, in just 666 copies and its value has already quintupled.

The Ellie Edition is definitely the goal of all the hardcore fans of The Last of Us Part 2. Singular was also the collector's edition of Wastelands 3, one of the Microsoft exclusives released in 2020 that originally stems from a 2016 crowdfunding campaign. No wonder there were not too many advertisements or pre-orders. of this deluxe edition, because in reality it has been no longer available for years and the only way to be able to secure it was to donate a certain amount of money in the related campaign. The craziest part is that it sold out years before the contents were shown, demonstrating the trust placed in the development team.

These are just some of the many examples but there have been quite a few valid and original products. Just think briefly of the beautiful ceramic mask of Ghost of Tsushima, the eerie BB Pod of Death Stranding, the Devil May Cry 5 coats costing thousands of euros, Modern Warfare's working night vision device and so on. >
In recent years, a second market linked to Collector's Edition has also exploded, that of secondary publishers, which produce authentic and authorized editions. For example, the Monkey Island 30th Anniversary Anthology now available for pre-order on Limited Run Games or the Ori Collector's Edition sold by iam8bit which includes the first two chapters developed by Moon Studios, again with a decidedly out of the ordinary edition.

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Was it such a bad situation?

Some publishers have tried over the years to publish Collector's Edition without the game, such as Red Dead Redemption 2 and Battlefield 1. Although yes were simply a "Collector Box" associated with a title, the public did not welcome these initiatives, proving to be still very attached to the classic ones that actually represented the most valuable editions of a game, and not just gadgets that can be purchased separately.

Insomm a, by nature that of collectible and / or limited editions cannot represent a considerable portion of the videogame market, but if there is one thing that can prove, it is that the physical market, even if put in difficulty, will be really hard to die .

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