Ghost of Tsushima: Did you get this game as a gift? Discover all our guides

Ghost of Tsushima: Did you get this game as a gift? Discover all our guides
Ghost of Tsushima was given to you by Santa Claus? The last big exclusivity of the PlayStation 4, released last July, invites you to visit feudal Japan. You play as Jin Sakai in a rich open world. With a level design that calls for exploration, Sucker Punch's game has established itself as a must-have of the year. To immerse yourself in this adventure and complete a masterpiece at 100%, you can use our complete guide to Ghost of Tsushima, consisting of the walkthrough of the main story and side quests, as well as our guide to collectibles to collect in the game.

Complete Ghost of Tsushima Story Walkthrough

This part of the Ghost of Tsushima Complete Storyline includes everything related to storytelling. This is the name given to the different missions that will be offered to you. Besides Jin's tale, which is the main story, there are two other types of tales you can experience. On the one hand, the stories of Tsushima, the equivalent of side missions that will allow you to develop your knowledge of secondary characters or the population of the island. On the other hand, the Mythic tales which will allow you to obtain additional techniques and equipment to add to the Jin set:

The Journey of Jin

Prologue Act 1 - Saving Lord Shimura Act 2 - Reclaiming Shimura Castle Act 3 - Death to the Khan

Tales of Tsushima

Izuhara Tales Toyotama Tales Kamiagata Tales Lady Masako Tales Ishikawa Sensei Tales Kenji Tales Norio Tales Yuna Tales Yuriko Tales

Mythical Tales

The Legend of Tadayori The Celestial Strike The Curse The Invincible Ushitsune Gosaku The Six Blades of Kojiro The Vengeful Spirit of Yarikawa The Eternal Flame

Complete Guide to the Ghost of Tsushima Collectibles

Exploration Collections

This section of Ghost of Tsushima's solution is about exploration collections. These are places to visit on the map that will allow you to increase some of your statistics (maximum life, resolution), but also to discover charms to customize your fighting style, or cosmetic elements:

Haikus training bamboos Pillars of honor Fox burrows and Inari shrines Shinto shrines Hot springs Personalization items (Masks, headbands and hats)

Artifact collections

Ghost of Tsushima offers many collectibles: you can discover everything related to collections of artifacts in this section of our guide. These are collectibles that you will have to discover all over Tsushima, and which will allow you to either learn more about the history of the island and its invaders, or to collect new cosmetic items:

Mongolian artefacts Singing locusts Sahsimonos Testimonials Also read:

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