Ghost of Tsushima: The Rages of Fort Imai - Tales from the Rising Sun.

Ghost of Tsushima: The Rages of Fort Imai - Tales from the Rising Sun.
We have told you the story of a ronin, a traveler, a cutthroat and a samurai. In this last chapter of Tales from the Rising Sun, a series of articles inspired by the world of Ghost of Tsushima, we will tell you the epic epilogue of the adventures of this mysterious family of fighters.

Finding themselves by chance in Fort Imai, the five brothers must join forces to free the region from Mongolian oppression.

Rising Sun

Darkness still enveloped the lands of Tsushima when the five brothers found themselves united again against a common goal. The commander of Fort Imai had lured them to that exact place, on that full moon evening.

They decided it would be more appropriate to strike at the first light of dawn, when the fog would lift. So they stayed all night talking around an extinct campfire, unused for a long time.

They talked about what had brought them to Fort Imai, about how their paths had crossed, almost as if destiny had them reunite to thwart the Mongol invader. They discussed the paths they had chosen to follow, the distancing. They quarreled, laughed, criticized the lifestyles undertaken by the other brothers.

Dawn was approaching, but it seemed to them that they had just begun to speak. The cutthroat stood up, letting the others know that the time had come.

He was the first to enter. He sneaked in by sneaking up a fence positioned near a large boulder. Once inside, he went up to the roof of one of the buildings. Given the time, only the rattle of the soldiers' equipment could be heard, making it extremely easy for him to locate them.

He quickly got out of the building and intruded into a room. Here a guard was getting up, awakened by the first rays of the sun. The cutthroat heard the creaking of the boards and immediately headed in that direction, unsheathed his dagger and thrust it into the soldier's throat, who did not let out a breath.

The commander

Lying down the body of the enemy on the ground, the blind mercenary came out of the structure, as attracted by several steps. He had every air of being an escort for some important military figure.

Without further ado, he tried to catch the enemies behind, but the commander soon noticed the warrior's presence. The bully spun around and hit the killer's snout with a devastating punch, which threw him several meters away. Blood was running copiously from his nose.

The Mongol commander pulled out the blade, ready to finish the dazed cutthroat. However, he did not notice that death was falling upon him.

The samurai flew to the ground from the roof of the building, landing behind the enemy. Without a word, she thrust the blade into his back. This pierced the thick armor, leaking from the chest with a trickle of blood.

The escort was terrified at the sight of that being. His eyes seemed to glow. The horns on his helmet were dyed red. The grin on his face resembled that of a demon. The samurai pulled out the blade and quickly passed it over the commander's neck. His head whirled in the air three times before falling at the feet of the soldiers. The Mongol men abandoned their weapons and fled in a hurry.

The samurai approached his brother and helped him up. The work wasn't done yet. Now it was time to free the fort.

The battle of Fort Imai

The four brothers fought like furies. They looked like leaves in the wind dancing in unison, swapping enemies, crossing attacks, and unleashing powerful combined slashes.

They fought and fought. But the enemies kept coming. The alarms had now been raised. Mongol warriors poured into the fort from all over the region.

Several hours passed, but the brothers continued to resist. They even managed to free some prisoners who, thanks to the help of their fifth brother, the bard, reached the nearby villages to seek help.

The voices of the rampages of Fort Imai traveled quickly throughout the territory, reaching the ears of the most skilled warriors of Tsushima, who immediately set out on their journey, headed for battle.

Meanwhile, the four brothers resisted. But, when the sun began to set, the situation escalated. Their blades were dull and their vigor was running out.

The wanderer and the cutthroat were repelling a new wave of enemy, when a spear wounded the first. The brother tried to help him, but the lone traveler rejected him. The latter was surrounded. The blades began to descend on him. He deflected as many shots as possible, but was still overwhelmed.

The cutthroat realized there was nothing more to do and walked away. On the other side of the fort, the ronin also fell, but not before taking several enemies with it.

Then, it was time for the samurai, proud to fall in combat with the armor of the family who once served with such affection. He fought until he took his last breath.

The blind cutthroat heard his brothers fall. There was a long silence, which turned into several steps, increasingly heavy, directed towards his position. Every escape route was blocked. The cutthroat was not intimidated by the number of his opponents and launched into the fray. With the last of his strength, he eliminated the soldiers, one after the other. But a blade pierced his leg. He fell to the ground and could no longer get up.

A soldier approached slowly. He raised the blade, high. Suddenly, the sound of horns and drums shook the air in all directions. Shouts and barking became more and more intense outside the walls of Fort Imai.

The cutthroat, hearing these sounds, calmed down. He smiled as the blade went through him. She was smiling, because Tsushima was still willing to fight.

"Good story, old man, but we all know it didn't happen like that."

Good man, how can you say that what I tell you is not did it ever take place?

"The rampages of Fort Imai ?! It was a revolt that allowed the conquest of the fort, carried out by the people. There were no" furies ", samurai with strange armor or much fewer blind warriors that day. Only the valiant people of Tsushima! My father was present and lost his life in that fierce fight. How do you know these bizarre stories? You were there with them as they wiped out the enemies in their path or did they storm camps? Not from what you have told, since the only ones who survived the events were these phantom warriors that no one has ever heard of and about whom you have been babbling for days. "

You've been listening to me all this time , yet you still don't hear. Think back to the story. At that chance meeting that lasted one night, during which five brothers were able to make peace. Five brothers and only four corpses, lost in the sea of ​​victims of that glorious day in the lands of Tsushima.

How do I know these events? Open your eyes. A corpse is missing from the roll call. A corpse that has been walking since that day. To wander these lands like a ghost. A storyteller, the ultimate memory of a people who want to forget. The last heir of a forgotten lineage. A bard.

Do you understand now?

This was the fifth and final chapter of our Tales from the Rising Sun. We sincerely hope you enjoyed this series of articles dedicated to the world of Ghost of Tsushima.

That's all for now, but we hope to be able to apply the format to other upcoming titles as well. In the meantime, please let us know what you think and, perhaps, which video game you would like to see this creative process applied to.

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