Fortnite: the plot of the battle royale is like that of Dark for a hypothesis

Fortnite: the plot of the battle royale is like that of Dark for a hypothesis
There is a hypothesis that is becoming increasingly popular within the Fortnite community. The plot of the battle royale is the same as Dark, that is, based on time travel and time loops. Here are the "evidence" gathered and the conclusions reached.

First of all, you need to know what Dark is about. Without spoilers, it is a series based on time travel in which everything is connected in a seemingly endless loop. Characters of the future cause events in the past that allow characters of the present to become the characters of the future which then cause events in the past that ... you understand. It is an elaborate storyline and, according to some, it is the same with Fortnite. Why?

There are three main tests. First of all, Donald Mustard has declared himself a huge fan of Dark and claimed that the show has "influenced and inspired the way he envisioned the story, the myths and the rules of the world that govern Fortnite".

The second test is linked to Jonesy, one of the "basic skins" of the game since Chapter 1 and, to a certain extent, the symbol of Fortnite Battle Royale. In fact, we made the acquaintance of Agent Jonesy, when we discovered that within Fortnite there is a time loop of some kind. Agent Jonesy, however, is "turning" into the original Jonesy.

His "Agent" version was in fact dressed in an elegant suit, later he appeared with rumpled clothes and a jointed tie around his neck, finally in the trailer of the Terminator bundle we can see him with torn sleeves and red tie tied around the arm, exactly like the original Jonesy. The conclusion is that Agent Jonesy is the past version of the Jonesy of Chapter 1. Let's add an idea: did Epic Games choose Jonesy among the many characters available, perhaps also because he recalls Jonas, the protagonist of Dark?

Let's see, however, the third test: the island of Chapter 2 is slowly transforming into that of Chapter 1. Various places of the new map are appearing in the same position as the old map. Epic Games itself has stated that we are not in another world and we are not in a new island: the island of Fortnite, narratively, is the same. Are we therefore in a different historical period? The hypothesis is that we are in the past.

Just as Dark is a loop in which whoever tries to prevent an event becomes the cause of the event himself, in the same way in Fortnite in the attempt to destroy the loop temporal one ended up creating it. After all "the end is the beginning and the beginning is the end".

Without spoilers, again, those who know the Dark ending can imagine that Epic Games has decided to aim for a similar solution for go to Chapter 3. These are just hypotheses for now, but it sure is interesting.

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