Public Administration, smart working continues

Public Administration, smart working continues
The Public Administration has aligned itself with the state of emergency that the Government had already prolonged prematurely by virtue of the progress of the pandemic in our country. Therefore, the PA will also continue the current smart working methods, favoring remote methods rather than on-site ones to reduce the chances of contagion and contribute as much to limiting travel as to maintaining the efficiency of the institutions' operational machinery. .

Smart working can continue in the PA

The decision was announced by the Ministry of Public Administration - Department of the civil service and was expected to formalize what was already expected. The signature of Minister Dadone "extends the organizational methods, criteria and principles regarding the flexibility of public work and agile work established by the ministerial decree of 19 October 2020 to 30 April 2021, aligning their validity to the duration of the state of emergency".

In particular, the time bracket within which smart working can be enabled even in the absence of an individual agreement is extended, having in object "both the activities ordinarily carried out in the presence of the employee, and, in addition or alternatively and in any case, without increasing the ordinary workload, project activities specifically identified taking into account the possibility of their remote execution, also in relation to the necessary equipment ".

Public employees promote #smartworking with full marks and , as a minister who strongly wanted it as a tool to combat the pandemic crisis, I can only be proud of it!

- Fabiana Dadone (@DadoneFabiana) January 29, 2021

At point 4 of the Ministerial Decree of last October there are the foundations for what should be a rethinking of working methods that do not subordinate the same to the presence in the office:

Workers who perform their work in an agile mode are not penalized for the purposes of recognition of professionalism and career progression. 2021 could have been the year of the metabolization of smart working in labor policies, but the feeling that it will continue to be postponed until the emergency remains so. Only when the bowls are stopped will we be able to talk about more visionary regulations on this front.

Source: Ministry of Public Administration

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