30 years of Blizzard: The company celebrates with an anniversary video and annoys fans

30 years of Blizzard: The company celebrates with an anniversary video and annoys fans
"Welcome Home" is the title of the video that Blizzard Entertainment posted on YouTube on the occasion of the company's 30th anniversary. The company's public relations department is a timely reminder of the amount of time players have spent in the worlds of Blizzard over the past three decades. So much that it should feel like a second home by now. For the voice over of speaker Laura Bailey, who can be heard in a number of Blizzard productions in various roles, we see images from World of Warcraft, Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm in the video.

Not all However, this nostalgia trip is well received by gamers. Although the Welcome Home video has an average positive ratio of likes and dislikes, the comments made on it on the Internet largely signal disappointment, frustration, anger, ridicule and disbelief - for a handful of reasons.

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The fans are also looking back

Some Blizzard fans are struck by the fact that the company's 30-year history has been summarized in a one-and-a-half-minute clip that does not contain any images from Starcraft or Diablo. Two franchises that were considered showcases in the glory days of Blizzard. Instead, the current titles Overwatch (buy now 59.90 €) and World of Warcraft were concentrated. For many commentators, this symbolizes the change in strategy that has been taking place at Blizzard under the leadership of Activision since 2008.

Other fans are still too angry about the "Blitzchung Affair" to be get into a celebratory mood. The term describes Blizzard's decision to ban a popular e-sportsman because he publicly expressed his solidarity with Hong Kong in a stream. That moment was a low point for Blizzard and is still in the minds of many esports and Hearthstone fans.

Other misconducts of the company from recent years are also highlighted under the retrospective. In the comments, it is often pointed out that the home motif of the video is particularly poorly chosen against the background that Blizzard only closed studios in Versailles and The Hague last year and put quite a few employees on the street.

While Blizzard looks back proudly on its triumphs, the fans ensure that their defeats are not forgotten.

Source: Youtube, Reddit

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